Florida River Map

Explore the Rivers map of Florida, Florida's rivers are vital to the state's natural beauty and ecosystem, flowing across the landscape and offering a variety of recreational activities like fishing, kayaking, and wildlife viewing. From the mighty St. Johns River, which flows northward over 300 miles, to the picturesque Suwannee River, famous for its limestone springs and rich cultural history, each river tells its own story. The clear, spring-fed waters of the Ichetucknee River provide perfect conditions for tubing, while the Peace River is a haven for fossil hunters. These rivers not only support diverse wildlife but also play a crucial role in Florida's environment, making them a key part of the state's natural heritage.

Florida River Map

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About Florida River Map

Explore the map of Florida with rivers, lakes, and geographical / physical features which is clearly marked on the map.

About Rivers in Florida

Florida, a state renowned for its expansive coastline, also boasts an intricate network of rivers that crisscross the landscape, offering a unique glimpse into the natural beauty and ecological diversity of the region. These rivers, each with their own character and charm, play a crucial role in supporting the state's ecosystems, providing vital habitats for wildlife, and offering endless recreational opportunities for residents and visitors alike.

A Journey Through Florida's River Systems

St. Johns River: One of the longest and most significant rivers in Florida, the St. Johns River flows northward for over 300 miles. It's a haven for fishing, boating, and bird watching, with its slow-moving waters winding through wetlands, forests, and lakes. The river's basin is home to a myriad of wildlife, including the American alligator and various species of waterfowl.

Suwannee River

Famous for its music folklore and Stephen Foster's old song, the Suwannee River carves its way through the Florida landscape, from the Okefenokee Swamp in Georgia to the Gulf of Mexico. Its banks are dotted with springs that feed the river with clear, fresh water, making it a popular spot for kayaking, canoeing, and swimming.

Ichetucknee River

A gem in the north-central part of the state, the Ichetucknee River offers some of the clearest waters in Florida, thanks to its spring-fed source. The river is a favorite for tubing, snorkeling, and picnicking, especially in the Ichetucknee Springs State Park, where the natural beauty of the river is preserved in its pristine condition.

Peace River

Flowing through the heart of central Florida, the Peace River is a treasure trove for fossil enthusiasts, with ancient shark teeth and prehistoric bones hidden in its sandy bottom. The river also provides excellent opportunities for canoeing and wildlife observation, with its banks hosting deer, wild turkey, and various bird species.

Loxahatchee River

Designated as a National Wild and Scenic River, the Loxahatchee River winds its way through cypress swamps and mangrove forests, offering a glimpse into Florida's untamed beauty. Kayakers and canoeists can explore the river's serene waters, which tell the story of the state's natural history and ecological diversity.

Conservation and Stewardship

The rivers of Florida are not only recreational havens but also crucial for the environment, supporting diverse ecosystems and providing freshwater resources. However, these vital waterways face threats from pollution, overdevelopment, and climate change. Efforts by state agencies, local communities, and conservation organizations aim to protect and preserve Florida's rivers for future generations, highlighting the importance of stewardship and sustainable management.

Embark on a River Adventure

Florida's rivers offer a world of exploration and enjoyment for those eager to discover the natural wonders of the state. Whether it's paddling through tranquil waters, fishing in abundant fisheries, or simply enjoying the scenic beauty, the rivers of Florida provide a peaceful escape and an opportunity to connect with the great outdoors. Plan your next adventure on one of Florida's majestic rivers and experience the beauty and tranquility of these natural waterways.

List of Rivers of Florida

S.N.RiverCountyLength (miles)
1Alafia RiverHillsborough25
2Alapaha RiverHamilton23
3Apalachicola RiverFranklin, Gulf, Liberty, Calhoun, Gadsden, Jackson109
4Arbuckle CreekHighlands25
5Aucilla RiverTaylor, Jefferson, Madison62
6Big Coldwater CreekSanta Rosa8
7Big Coldwater Creek, East ForkSanta Rosa2
8Big Swamp CreekOkaloosa, Walton5
9Black CreekClay13
10Black Creek, South ForkClay11
11Blackwater RiverSanta Rosa, Okaloosa49
12Boiling CreekSanta Rosa5
13Caney CreekOkaloosa, Walton9
14Chassahowitzka RiverCitrus, Hernando6
15Chipola RiverGulf, Calhoun, Jackson93
16Choctawhatchee RiverWalton, Washington, Holmes92
17Conecuh RiverEscambia, Santa Rosa1
18Cowarts CreekGulf, Calhoun, Jackson8
19Econfina CreekBay, Washington37
20Econfina RiverTaylor28
21Econlockhatchee RiverSeminole, Orange44
22Escambia RiverEscambia, Santa Rosa56
23Estero RiverLee4
24Fisheating CreekGlades, Highlands55
25Hendry CreekLee5
26Hillsborough RiverHillsborough, Pasco37
27Holley CreekSanta Rosa4
28Holmes CreekWashington26
29Myakka RiverSarasota, Manatee41
30New RiverFranklin, Liberty3
31New RiverFranklin, Liberty6
32New RiverFranklin, Liberty11
33New RiverFranklin, Liberty26
34Ochlockonee RiverGadsden35
35Ochlockonee RiverFranklin, Wakulla, Liberty, Leon65
36Ocklawaha RiverMarion27
37Ocklawaha RiverPutnam, Marion11
38Orange RiverLee9
39Peace RiverCharlotte, DeSoto, Hardee, Polk94
40Santa Fe RiverGilchrist, Suwanee, Alachua, Columbia, Union, Bradford80
41Shell CreekCharlotte18
42Shoal RiverOkaloosa, Walton44
43Silver RiverMarion6
44Sopchoppy RiverWakulla14
45Sopchoppy RiverWakulla17
46Sopchoppy RiverWakulla8
47Sopchoppy River, East BranchWakulla6
48Sopchoppy River, West BranchWakulla8
49St. Johns RiverPutnam, Volusia, Lake, Seminole, Orange, Osceola, Brevard44
50St. Lucie, North ForkMartin, St. Lucie20
51St. Lucie, South ForkMartin7
52St. Marks RiverWakulla, Leon, Jefferson39
53St. Sebastian RiverIndian River, Brevard3
54St. Sebastian River, South ProngIndian River, Brevard10
55Tomoka RiverVolusia11
56Waccasassa RiverLevy26
57Wacissa RiverJefferson13
58Wakulla RiverWakulla10
59Withlacoochee RiverMadison, Hamilton28
60Withlacoochee RiverCitrus, Marion, Sumter, Hernando, Pasco, Polk118
61Withlacoochee RiverCitrus, Levy12
62Yellow RiverSanta Rosa, Okaloosa68

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