Blank Map of Brazil

The blank map of Brazil has been created for kids and geography teachers. The map depicts the international boundary as well as the boundaries of the various states of the provinces. A map is a useful tool for students, as it would enable them to get acquainted with Brazil. Children can mark the various states and major cities in different colors and get to know their exact location. Geography teachers can download the map for exam purposes. The map comes in Mercator projection and is easily downloadable.

Outline Map of Brazil

The outline map of Brazil shows the international borders of the country. The map is useful for students and geography teachers. The map would help students to get acquainted with the country as they can draw the states of Brazil in different colors. They can also mark the locations of major cities and important landmarks on the map. Geography teachers too would find the map useful as they can download it for examination purposes. The map comes in Mercator projection, is easily downloadable.