World Religion Map

World Religion Map

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World Religion Map

Explore religion map of the world. In world cultures, there have traditionally been many different groupings of religious belief.

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Religion and Adherents 2015

Christianity 31.20%
Islam 24.10%
No religion 16%
Hinduism 15.10%
Buddhism 6.90%
Folk religions 5.70%
Other religions 0.51%
Sikhism 0.29%
Judaism 0.20%

Largest Religious Groups

ReligionFollowers (billions)Cultural traditionFounded
Christianity2.4Abrahamic religionsMiddle East
Atheism2Depends on the regionWorldwide
Islam1.8Abrahamic religionsMiddle East
Hinduism1.2Indian religionsIndian subcontinent
Buddhism0.5Indian religionsIndian subcontinent
Folk religion0.4Depends on the regionWorldwide

Medium-sized Religions

ReligionFollowers (millions)Cultural traditionFounded
Taoism12-173Chinese religionsChina
Sikhism30-140Indian religionsIndian subcontinent, 15th century
Shinto100Japanese religionsJapan
Judaism14.5Abrahamic religionsLevant (Middle East)
Confucianism6-7Chinese religionsChina
Spiritism5-15New religious movementsFrance
Korean shamanism5-15Korean religionsKorea
Caodaism5-9Vietnamese religionsVietnam, 20th century
Baháʼí Faith5-7.3Abrahamic religionsIran, 19th century
Jainism4-5Indian religionsIndian subcontinent, 7th to 9th century BC
Cheondoism3-4Korean religionsKorea, 19th century
Hoahaoism1.5-3Vietnamese religionsVietnam, 20th century
Tenriism1.2Japanese religionsJapan, 19th century

Trends in Adherence

Annual trends of growth of adherence
1970-19851990-20002000-2005% change 1970-2010 (40 yrs)
3.65%: Baháʼí Faith2.65%: Zoroastrianism1.84%: Islam9.85%: Daoism
2.74%: Islam2.28%: Baháʼí Faith1.70%: Baháʼí Faith4.26%: Baháʼí Faith
2.34%: Hinduism2.13%: Islam1.62%: Sikhism4.23%: Islam
1.67%: Buddhism1.87%: Sikhism1.57%: Hinduism3.08%: Sikhism
1.64%: Christianity1.69%: Hinduism1.32%: Christianity2.76%: Buddhism
1.09%: Judaism1.36%: Christianity 2.62%: Hinduism
 1.09%: Buddhism 2.60%: Jainism
   2.50%: Zoroastrianism
   across 40 yrs, world total 2.16%
   2.10%: Christianity
   0.83%: Confucianism
   0.37%: unaffiliated (inc. atheists, agnostics, religious but not affiliated)
   -0.03%: Judaism
   -0.83%: Shintoism