13 Colonies Map

The 13 colonies that were established on the East Coast in the 1600s and 1700s weren't the initial settlements in America, but they stand out because the settlers there decided to resist British control. This led them to create their own system of government, which eventually became the foundation of the United States.

13 Colonies Map

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About 13 Colonies Map

Explore the thirteen colonies map or 13 original colonies map showing all 13 american colonies with names that were established in North America by the British around the 16th and 17th centuries.

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Thirteen Colonies

The 13 colonies were a group of British settlements on the east coast of North America, established during the 17th and 18th centuries. By the time of the American Revolution, these colonies had developed into a string of thriving communities that laid the foundation for modern-day United States.

Virginia, the first colony, was founded in 1607 in Jamestown. With a focus on agriculture, particularly tobacco farming, it became a prosperous and influential region. Shortly after came Massachusetts, established by the Pilgrims in 1620. This colony quickly became a center for trade and industry, bolstered by a strong Puritan work ethic.

New Hampshire was founded in 1623. Known for its scenic landscapes, it became a hub for fishing and shipbuilding. Maryland, founded in 1634, provided a haven for Catholics facing persecution in England, and its economy was driven by tobacco cultivation. In 1636, Rhode Island was founded by Roger Williams, who advocated for religious freedom and separation of church and state.

Connecticut, also established in 1636, became a model for self-governance, crafting one of the first written constitutions in America. Delaware, settled in 1638, was initially a Swedish colony before coming under British control. It became known for its diverse cultures and fertile lands.

North Carolina, established in 1653, and South Carolina, founded in 1670, were originally a single entity but were divided due to administrative differences. Both colonies thrived on plantation economies, with crops like rice, indigo, and tobacco. New York, originally New Amsterdam, was taken from the Dutch in 1664. It rapidly grew into a major port and commercial center.

New Jersey, also founded in 1664, attracted settlers with the promise of religious freedom and fertile land. Pennsylvania, established by William Penn in 1682, became a haven for Quakers and others facing persecution in Europe. Its policies on religious freedom and good relations with Native Americans were noteworthy.

Finally, Georgia, the last colony, was founded in 1732 as a social experiment to provide opportunities for England's poor and to serve as a buffer against Spanish Florida. It attracted a mix of settlers and evolved into a plantation economy.

Despite their diverse origins and characteristics, these 13 colonies shared common grievances against British policies, which eventually led to their unification and declaration of independence in 1776. The merging of these colonies laid the groundwork for the establishment of the United States of America, a nation built on principles of self-governance, liberty, and religious freedom.

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