US Elevation Map

Explore Altitude Map of USA to see the elevation of each state of the United States. The elevation of U.S. states varies significantly, highlighting the diverse topography of the country. Alaska boasts the highest peak, Denali, which rises to 20,310 feet above sea level, while Florida's Britton Hill is the lowest high point at just 345 feet. Colorado, home to the Rocky Mountains, has the highest average elevation at 6,800 feet, contrasting sharply with Delaware, which averages only 60 feet above sea level. This variation in elevation influences climate, vegetation, and wildlife across the states, contributing to the rich natural diversity of the United States.

US Elevation Map

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About US Elevation Map

Explore altitude Map USA to see the altitude of different states of United States of America.

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U.S. States Altitudes

The elevation of U.S. states reflects the country's diverse topography, ranging from towering mountains to low-lying plains. This variation not only shapes the physical landscape but also influences climate, vegetation, and wildlife across the nation.

Alaska, home to the highest peak in North America, Denali, stands at an impressive 20,310 feet above sea level. This majestic mountain is a significant landmark, attracting climbers and nature enthusiasts from around the world. The state's rugged terrain and high elevations contribute to its unique ecosystems and challenging weather conditions.

In stark contrast, Florida has the lowest high point of any state. Britton Hill, located in the Florida Panhandle, rises to only 345 feet above sea level. Despite its modest elevation, Florida's landscape features a diverse array of habitats, from coastal dunes to swamps, supporting a wide variety of plant and animal life.

Colorado is known for its high average elevation, boasting a mean height of around 6,800 feet above sea level. The state is famous for its Rocky Mountains, with peaks such as Mount Elbert reaching 14,440 feet. Colorado's elevation contributes to its cooler climate and distinct alpine environments, which are popular destinations for outdoor recreation and tourism.

Other states with notable high points include California, with Mount Whitney standing at 14,505 feet, and Washington, where Mount Rainier reaches 14,411 feet. These towering peaks are not only significant for their height but also for their impact on local weather patterns and ecosystems. The Sierra Nevada and Cascade Range, where these mountains are located, play crucial roles in water supply and biodiversity.

In the eastern United States, the Appalachian Mountains offer a different kind of elevation. States like North Carolina and Tennessee share Mount Mitchell, the highest peak east of the Mississippi River, standing at 6,684 feet. The Appalachian region, with its rolling hills and ancient mountains, provides a rich history and diverse habitats that are crucial for many species.

On the other end of the spectrum, states such as Delaware and Louisiana have low average elevations. Delaware's mean elevation is just 60 feet above sea level, while Louisiana's is 100 feet. These low-lying areas are characterized by their flat landscapes, which are prone to flooding but also support rich wetland ecosystems.

The Great Plains states, including Kansas and Nebraska, feature broad expanses of relatively flat terrain. However, even these states have their high points, such as Mount Sunflower in Kansas, which reaches 4,039 feet. The elevation changes across the plains are subtle but significant in shaping local agriculture and weather patterns.

Hawaii, an island state, has its own unique elevation profile. Mauna Kea, a dormant volcano on the Big Island, stands at 13,796 feet above sea level. When measured from its base on the ocean floor, Mauna Kea is the tallest mountain in the world, surpassing even Mount Everest. Hawaii's volcanic topography contributes to its rich soil and diverse climates, supporting a wide range of flora and fauna.

The elevation of U.S. states is not just a measure of height but a reflection of the country's geographical and ecological diversity. From the lofty peaks of Alaska and Colorado to the gentle rises of Florida and Delaware, each state's elevation shapes its environment and the lives of its residents. Understanding these elevations helps in appreciating the natural beauty and complexity of the United States, highlighting the importance of preserving these varied landscapes for future generations.

List of States of the United States by Elevation

StateLowest Point LocationLowest Point in MeterLowest Point in FeetHighest Point LocationHighest Point in MeterHighest Point in FeetElevation Difference in MeterElevation Difference in FeetAverage Elevation in MeterAverage Elevation in Feet
AlabamaGulf of Mexico00Cheaha Mountain7332,4057332,405150500
AlaskaPacific Ocean00Mount McKinley (Denali)6,19820,3206,19820,3205801,900
ArizonaColorado River2170Humphreys Peak3,85312,6333,83212,5631,3004,100
ArkansasOuachita River1755Magazine Mountain8402,7538232,698200650
CaliforniaDeath Valley-86-282Mount Whitney4,42114,5054,50514,7768802,900
ColoradoArikaree River1,0103,315Mount Elbert4,40114,4403,39111,1252,1006,800
ConnecticutLong Island Sound00Mount Frissell7262,3807262,380150500
DelawareAtlantic Ocean00Ebright Azimuth1374481374482060
District of ColumbiaPotomac River01Tenleytown12541012540950150
FloridaAtlantic Ocean00Britton Hill10534510534530100
GeorgiaAtlantic Ocean00Brasstown Bald1,4594,7841,4594,784180600
HawaiiPacific Ocean00Mauna Kea4,20813,7964,20813,7969203,030
IdahoSnake River217710Borah Peak3,86212,6683,64511,9521,5005,000
IllinoisMississippi River85279Charles Mound3771,235292956180600
IndianaOhio River98320Hoosier Hill3831,257285937210700
IowaMississippi River146480Hawkeye Point5091,6703631,1903401,100
KansasVerdigris River207679Mount Sunflower1,2324,0391,0253,3606102,000
KentuckyMississippi River78257Black Mountain1,2634,1451185 m3,888230750
LouisianaNew Orleans-2-8Driskill Mountain16353516554330100
MaineAtlantic Ocean00Mount Katahdin1,6065,2671,6065,267180600
MarylandAtlantic Ocean00Backbone Mountain1,0253,3601,0253,360110350
MassachusettsAtlantic Ocean00Mount Greylock1,0643,4871,0643,487150500
MichiganLake Erie174571Mount Arvon6041,9794301,408280900
MinnesotaLake Superior183601Eagle Mountain7022,3015191,7003661,200
MississippiGulf of Mexico00Woodall Mountain24680624680690300
MissouriSaint Francis River70230Taum Sauk Mountain5401,7724701,542240800
MontanaKootenai River5491,800Granite Peak3,90412,7993,35510,9991,0003,400
NebraskaMissouri River256840Panorama Point1,6545,4241,3984,5847902,600
NevadaColorado River146479Boundary Peak4,00713,1403,86112,6611,7005,500
New HampshireAtlantic Ocean00Mount Washington1,9186,2881,9186,2883001,000
New JerseyAtlantic Ocean00High Point5501,8035501,80380250
New MexicoRed Bluff Reservoir8672,842Wheeler Peak4,01413,1613,14710,3191,7005,700
New YorkAtlantic Ocean00Mount Marcy1,6305,3441,6305,3443001,000
North CarolinaAtlantic Ocean00Mount Mitchell2,0396,6842,0396,684210700
North DakotaRed River229750White Butte1,0693,5068402,7565801,900
OhioOhio River139455Campbell Hill4721,5493331,094260850
OklahomaLittle River88289Black Mesa1,5174,9731,4294,6844001,300
OregonPacific Ocean00Mount Hood3,42811,2393,42811,2391,0003,300
PennsylvaniaDelaware River00Mount Davis9803,2139803,2133401,100
Rhode IslandAtlantic Ocean00Jerimoth Hill248812248812110350
South CarolinaAtlantic Ocean00Sassafras Mountain1,0863,5601,0863,560110350
South DakotaBig Stone Lake295966Harney Peak2,2097,2421,9146,2766702,200
TennesseeMississippi River54178Clingmans Dome2,0266,6431,9726,465280900
TexasGulf of Mexico00Guadalupe Peak2,6688,7492,6688,7495201,700
UtahBeaver Dam Wash6102,000Kings Peak4,12613,5283,51611,5281,8606,100
VermontLake Champlain2995Mount Mansfield1,3404,3931,3114,2983001,000
VirginiaAtlantic Ocean00Mount Rogers1,7475,7291,7475,729290950
WashingtonPacific Ocean00Mount Rainier4,39514,4104,39514,4105201,700
West VirginiaPotomac River73240Spruce Knob1,4834,8611,4104,6214601,500
WisconsinLake Michigan177579Timms Hill5951,9514181,3723201,050
WyomingBelle Fourche River9453,099Gannett Peak4,21013,8043,26510,7052,0446,700

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