US Volcano Map

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About US Volcano Map

Explore Volcano map of USA to locate all the active volcanos in U.S. and also see the location of active volcanos in past 2,000 years.

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List of Volcanoes in the United States

S.N.NameElevation in MetersElevation in FeetStateLast Eruption
1Mount Bona5,00516,421Alaska847
2Mount Blackburn4,99616,390Alaska3.4 million years ago
3Mount Sanford4,94916,237Alaska320,000 years ago
4Mount Churchill4,76615,632Alaska700 ± 200 years
5Mount Rainier4,39214,411Washington1894
6Mount Wrangell4,31714,163Alaska1999
7Mount Shasta4,31714,162California1250
8La Garita Caldera4,27414,022Colorado26.3 Ma
9Mauna Kea4,20813,796Hawaii2460 BC ± 100 years
10Mauna Loa4,16913,679Hawaii2022
11Mount Jarvis4,09113,422Alaska1 million years ago
12Never Summer Mountains3,94612,945Colorado24 to 29 million years ago
13San Francisco Peaks3,85112,633Arizona92,000 years ago
14Mount Adams3,74312,281Washington500 BC ± 1000 years
15Marysvale Volcanic Field3,69412,137Utah19 million years ago
16Mount Drum3,66112,010AlaskaAbout 250,000 years ago
17Sierra Blanca3,65211,981New Mexico26 million years ago
18Jemez Mountains3,525 New Mexico60,000-50,000 years ago
19Mount Baldy3,48011,420Arizona8-9 million years ago
20Valles Caldera3,43011,253New Mexico50,000 to 60,000 years ago
21Mount Hood3,42611,237Oregon1866
22Long Valley Caldera3,39011,122California50,000 years ago
23Mount Spurr3,37411,069Alaska1992
24Mammoth Mountain3,37111,059California1260 AD ± 40 years
25Mount Baker3,28510,778Washington1880
26Glacier Peak3,21310,541Washington1700 ± 100 years
27Mount Jefferson3,19910,492Oregon950 AD
28Lassen Peak3,18910,462California1917
29South Sister3,15810,360Oregon50 BC
30Mount Redoubt3,10810,197Alaska2009
31North Sister3,07510,090Oregon46,000 years ago
32Middle Sister3,06310,050Oregon14,000 years ago
33Haleakalā or East Maui Volcano3,05510,023Hawaii1750
34Mount Iliamna3,05310,016Alaska1876
35Hayes Volcano3,0349,954Alaska1200 ± 300 years
36Mount McLoughlin2,8949,492Oregon20,000 to 30,000 years ago
37Mount Shishaldin2,8579,373AlaskaOngoing
38Black Buttes2,8579,373Washington500,000 to 300,000 years ago
39Markagunt Plateau Volcanic Field2,8409,318Utah1050 AD
40Mount Elden2,8349,299Arizona250,000 years ago
41Yellowstone Plateau volcanic field2,8059,203Idaho70,000 years ago (magmatic) / 1350 BC ± 200 years (hydrothermal)
42Yellowstone Plateau volcanic field2,8059,203Wyoming70,000 years ago (magmatic) / 1350 BC ± 200 years (hydrothermal)
43Broken Top2,8009,185OregonAbout 100,000 years ago
44Mount Thielsen2,8009,184Oregon290,000 years ago
45Mono Craters2,7969,173California1350 AD ± 20 years
46Mount Bachelor2,7639,064Oregon5800 BC ± 750 years
47Mount Gordon2,7559,039AlaskaHolocene
48Red Cones2,7489,015California8,500 years ago
49Diamond Peak2,6658,744Oregon11,000 to 100,000 years ago
50Inyo Craters2,6298,625California1380 CE ± 50 years
51Mount Bailey2,5518,368Oregon11,000 to 100,000 years ago
52Zuni-Bandera volcanic field2,5508,366New Mexico1,170 BC ± 300 years
53Mount St. Helens2,5508,364Washington2008
55Mount Pavlof2,5198,264Alaska2022
56Mount Veniaminof2,5078,225Alaska2021
57Goat Rocks2,4948,184Washington500,000 years ago
58Capulin Volcano2,4948,182New Mexico58,000-52,000 years ago
59Crater Lake (Mount Mazama)2,4878,159Oregon2850 BC
60Sunset Crater (San Francisco volcanic field)2,4478,026Arizona1075 AD ± 25 years
61Isanotski Peaks2,4468,025AlaskaUnknown
62Mount Taylor2,44511,300New Mexico1,500,000 years ago
63Newberry Caldera2,4347,986Oregon690 AD ± 100 years
64Red Mountain2,4287,965Arizona740,000 years ago
65Double Crater2,4267,959ArizonaPleistocene
66Medicine Lake Volcano2,4127,913California1060 AD
67Burney Mountain2,3977,863California280,000 ± 6,000 years ago
68Three Fingered Jack2,3907,840Oregon40,000 to 80,000 years ago
69Maiden Peak2,3807,810OregonPleistocene
70Mount Washington2,3767,790Oregon700 AD
71Capital Mountain2,3567,728Alaska1.02 million years ago
72Mount Denison2,3187,606AlaskaProbably Holocene
73Mount Griggs2,3177,602Alaska1790 BC ± 40 years
74Big Southern Butte2,2987,540Idaho300,000 years ago
75Mount Steller2,2727,454AlaskaProbably Holocene
76Colton Crater2,2467,368Arizona1075 AD Sunset Crater and Unnamed Fissure vents
77Dotsero2,2307,316Colorado2200 BC ± 300 years
78Mount Chiginagak2,2217,287Alaska1998
79Olallie Butte2,2007,219Oregon11,000 years ago or earlier
80Tumble Buttes2,1917,188California10,000 - 15,000 years ago
81Shiprock2,1887,177New Mexico27 million years ago
82Mount Mageik2,1657,103Alaska500 BC ± 50 years
83Snowy Mountain2,1627,093Alaska1710 ± 200 years
84Mount Vsevidof2,1497,050Alaska1957
85Pavlof Sister2,1427,027Alaska1786
86SP Crater2,1417,021Arizona5,500 years ago
87Mount Douglas2,1407,021AlaskaProbably Holocene
88Bald Knoll Volcanic Field2,1357,005Utah300,000 years ago or later
89Cinder Cone and the Fantastic Lava Beds2,1056,907California1666
91Belknap Crater2,0956,873Oregon480 AD
92McDermitt Caldera2,0786,816Nevada16.39 ± 0.02 million years ago
93McDermitt Caldera2,0786,816Oregon16.39 ± 0.02 million years ago
94Merriam Cone2,0776,813Arizona150,000 years ago
95Mount Katmai2,0476,716Alaska1912
96Yucca Mountain2,0446,707Nevada80,000 years ago
97Mount Kukak2,0436,703AlaskaHolocene
98Craters of the Moon2,0056,578Idaho130 BC ± 50 years
99Pogromni2,0026,569AlaskaLate Pleistocene
100Strawberry Crater1,9896,526ArizonaLate Pleistocene
101Mount Recheschnoi1,9846,509Alaska3,000 years ago
102Black Butte1,9626,436OregonAbout 1,430,000 years ago
103Cinnamon Butte1,9566,417Oregon4855 BC to 9,000 BC
104Simcoe Mountains1,9546,410Washington631,000 ± 27,000 years ago
105Devils Desk1,9546,409Alaska245,000 years ago
106Black Butte1,9396,362California9,500 years ago
107Frosty Peak Volcano1,9206,299AlaskaLate Pleistocene or later
108Juniper Buttes1,9056,250Idaho-
109Mount Kupreanof1,8956,217Alaska1987
110Roundtop Mountain1,8716,138Alaska9,100-10,000 years ago
111Trident Volcano1,8646,115Alaska1975
112Mount Martin1,8636,112Alaska1953
113Albuquerque volcanic field1,8406,030New Mexico70,000-170,000 years ago
114White Chuck Cinder Cone1,8306,002WashingtonBetween 17,000 and 2,000 years ago
115Mount Tanaga1,8065,925Alaska1914
116Mount Makushin1,8005,905Alaska1995
117Black Rock Desert Volcanic Field1,8005,904Utah1290 AD ± 150 years
118West Maui Volcano1,7645,788Hawaii320,000 years ago
119Mount Rogers Volcanic Center1,7505,730Virginia760 million years ago (Tonian)
120Great Sitkin1,7405,709AlaskaOngoing
121Carrizozo Malpais1,7315,679New Mexico3,250 BC ± 500 years ago
122Mount Cleveland1,7305,676Alaska2020
123Fort Rock1,7165,628Oregon13,500 to 18,000 years ago
124Menan Buttes1,7135,619Idaho10,000 years ago
125Saddle Butte1,700 Oregon430,000 ± 90,000 years ago
126Alagogshak1,6755,495Alaska43,000 ± 8,000 years ago
127Kohala (mountain)1,6705,480Hawaii120,000 years ago
128Mount Westdahl1,6545,426Alaska1992
129Twin Buttes1,6315,351California10,000 to 15,000 years ago
130Mount Carlisle1,6205,315Alaska1987
131Fumarole Butte1,6095,279Utah900,000 years ago
132Kawaikini1,5985,243Hawaii4 million years ago
133Mount Kialagvik1,5755,167AlaskaHolocene
134Gareloi Volcano1,5735,161Alaska1989
135Jornada del Muerto Volcano1,5655,136New Mexico760,000 years ago
136Stepovak Bay 31,5555,102AlaskaProbably Pleiocene
137Kilbourne Hole1,5554,240New Mexico80,000 years ago
138Mount Waialeale1,5445,066Hawaii-
139Korovin Volcano1,5335,029Alaska2007
140Pond Mountain Volcanic Center1,5184,980North Carolina760 million years ago
141Kejulik Volcano1,5174,977AlaskaUnknown
142Indian Heaven1,5135,925Washington~6250 BC
143Cima volcanic field1,5096,925California15,000 ± 5,000 years ago
144Mount Dutton1,5064,941AlaskaHolocene
146Santa Clara Volcanic Field1,4654,806Utah32,000 years ago
147Lone Butte1,4574,780WashingtonEither 80,000 or 140,000 years ago ± 10,000 years
148Diamond Craters1,4504,750Oregon5610 BC ± 470 years
149Mount Takawangha1,4494,754AlaskaLast few hundred years
150Mount Emmons1,4364,711AlaskaMore than 10,000 years ago
151Jackies Butte1,4184,652OregonHolocene
152Steamboat Springs1,4154,642Nevada1.14 million years ago
153Jordan Craters1,4004,600Oregon1250 BC or later
154Marble Mountain-Trout Creek Hill volcanic zone1,3784,521Washington~7700 years ago
155Mount Dana1,3544,442Alaska1890 BC
156Yantarni Volcano1,3454,413Alaska800 BC ± 500 years
157Waianae Range1,3424,025Hawaii2.6 million years ago
158Mount Aniakchak1,3414,400Alaska1931
159Silver Star Mountain1,3304,364WashingtonPluton formed 20 million years ago
160West Crater1,3294,360Washington5750 BC
161Mount Saint Helena1,3234,342California3.4 million years ago
162Mount Konocti (Clear Lake Volcanic Field)1,3124,305California11,000 years ago
163Mount Kanaga1,3074,288Alaska2012
164Malapai Hill1,3044,278California15.93 ± 0.08 million years ago
165Mount Akutan1,3034,275Alaska1996
166Mount Herbert1,2804,199AlaskaUnknown
167Mount Si1,2704,167Washington-
168Big Cave1,2594,131California38,000 ± 7,000 years ago
169Mount Augustine1,2524,108Alaska2005
170Soda Lakes1,2514,104NevadaHolocene
172Double glacier volcano1,2394,065AlaskaPleistocene
173Blue Lake Crater1,2304,035Oregon680 AD ± 200 years
174Semisopochnoi Island1,2214,006Alaska2023
175Kiska Volcano1,2204,003Alaska1990
176Mount Moffett1,1963,924Alaska1600 BC
177Little Sitkin1,1743,852Alaska1830
178Brushy Butte1,1743,852California12,000 years ago
179Tana (volcano)1,1703,839AlaskaMid-late Holocene
180Mount Segula1,1603,806AlaskaA few hundred years ago
181Chagulak Island1,1423,747AlaskaUnknown
182Mount Fisher1,1123,648Alaska1830
183Mount Okmok1,0733,520Alaska2008
184Mount Amukta1,0663,497Alaska1997
185Pyre Peak1,0543,458Alaska1993
186Black Peak1,0323,385Alaska1900 BCE ± 150 years
187Lanai1,0263,366Hawaii1.2 million years ago
188Mount Edgecumbe9703,132Alaska2220 BC ± 100 years
189Agrigan9653,165Northern Mariana Islands1917
190Trimble Knob9523,123Virginia35 million years ago (late Eocene)
191Koʻolau Range9413,149Hawaii40,000 years ago
192Ta'u-9313,054American Samoa30,000 years ago
193Mount Kaguyak9012,956Alaska1650 BC
194Kagamil Island8932,930Alaska1929
195Trout Creek Hill8902,920Washington340,000 years ago
196Uliaga Island8882,913AlaskaHolocene
197Asuncion Island8572,810Northern Mariana Islands1906
199Buzzard Creek8302,723Alaska1050 BC
200Mount Gilbert8182,684AlaskaUnknown, fumaroles until 1948
201Table Top-Wide Bay7922,598AlaskaHolocene
202Anatahan7882,592Northern Mariana Islands2008
203Pisgah Crater7742,539California18,000 ± 5,000 years ago
204Ubehebe Craters7522,467California150 BC
205Alamagan7442,441Northern Mariana Islands1887
206St. Michael volcanic field7152,346AlaskaMore recent than 500 BC
207St. Michael volcanic field7152,346AlaskaWithin 3,000 years
208Kookooligit Mountains6732,208AlaskaHolocene
209Cerros del Rio6642,178New Mexico2.2 million years ago
210Buldir Volcano6562,152AlaskaHolocene
211Tutuila6532,142American Samoa440 CE
212Sutter Buttes6502,130California1.5 million years ago
213Mount Adagdak6452,115Alaska210,000 ± 5,000 years ago
214Ofu-Olosega6392,096American Samoa1866 unnamed submarine cone eruption
215Tumtum Mountain6112,004Washington70,000 years ago
216Imuruk Lake6102,001Alaska300
217Porcupine Mountains Central-Volcano5951,958Michigan1.093 billion years ago
218Mole Hill5771,893Virginia47 million years ago (early Eocene)
219Pagan Island5701,870Northern Mariana Islands2021
220Mount Sergief5601,837AlaskaPleistocene
221Yunaska Island5501,804Alaska1937
222Pinnacle Peak5491,801Washington-
223Taum Sauk Caldera5401,772Missouri1.485 billion years ago
224Sarigan5381,765Northern Mariana IslandsUnknown
225Round Top5381,764California10 Million Years Ago
226Nunivak Island5111,676Alaska300,000 years ago
227Amak Volcano4881,601Alaska1796
228Kaʻau Crater4621,516Hawaii35000 or 76000 years ago.
229Kahoolawe4501,475Hawaii1 million years ago
230Koko Crater3681,207Hawaii10,000 years ago
231Farallon de Pajaros3601,180Northern Mariana Islands1967
232Battle Mountain3541,162Virginia704 million years ago (Cryogenian)
233Davidof Volcano3281,076AlaskaProbably Holocene
234Kasatochi Island3141,030Alaska2008
235Rutan Hill3101,020New JerseyOrdovician
236Mount Sylvania298978Oregon1 million years ago or earlier
237Guguan287942Northern Mariana Islands1883
238Koniuji Island273896Alaska1150 BC
239Diamond Head232761Hawaii400,000 to 500,000 years ago
240Battle Ground Lake229750Washington105,000 years ago
241Maug Islands227745Northern Mariana IslandsPleistocene
242Saint Paul Island203666Alaska1280 BC ± 40 years
243St. Paul Island203666Alaska1280 BC ± 40 years
244Hicks Dome203666Illinois400-345 million years ago
245Ulupaʻu Crater201659Hawaii-
246Hanauma Bay (Koko Head)196642Hawaii10,000 - 32,000 years ago
247Ingakslugwat Hills190623AlaskaHolocene
248Pilot Knob169576Texas79 to 83 million years ago (late Cretaceous)
249Bogoslof Island150492Alaska2017
250Kauhakō Crater150490Hawaii230,000-300,000 years ago
251Inge Mountain125410TexasEocene or possibly Miocene
252Puʻu Hawaiʻiloa103337Hawaii-
253Ukinrek Maars91299Alaska1977
254Tlevak Strait-Suemez Island50164AlaskaHolocene/Post-glacial
255Zealandia Bank00Northern Mariana IslandsHolocene
256Supply Reef-8-26Northern Mariana Islands1989
257Esmeralda Bank-43-141Northern Mariana IslandsHolocene
258East Diamante-127-417Northern Mariana IslandsHolocene
259Ahyi Seamount-137-449Northern Mariana Islands2023
260South Sarigan Seamount-184-604Northern Mariana Islands2010
261Fukujin Seamount-217-712Northern Mariana Islands1974
262Ruby Seamount-230-755Northern Mariana Islands2023
263Amboy Crater-300-984California23 million years ago 79,000 ± 5,000 years ago
264Daikoku Seamount-323-1,060Northern Mariana IslandsHolocene
265Northwest Rota-1-517-1,696Northern Mariana Islands2004
266Vailulu'u-592-1,842American Samoa2003 west of unnamed submarine caldera and nafauna
267Kasuga Seamounts-598-1,962Northern Mariana Islands1959
268Jackson Volcano-880-2,900Mississippi65 million years ago
269Kamaʻehuakanaloa Seamount (Loihi)-975-3,199Hawaii1996
270Midnight Volcano-1,110-3,641Mississippi66 million years ago
271Seamount X-1,230-4,035Northern Mariana IslandsHolocene
272Forecast Seamount-1,456-4,777Northern Mariana IslandsHolocene
273Eifuku-1,535-5,036Northern Mariana IslandsHolocene
274Door Point Volcano-2,200-7,200Louisiana74-90 million years ago
275Mount Tabor-636Oregon300,000 years ago or earlier
276Espenberg--Alaska17,500 years BP
277Prindle Volcano--AlaskaPleistocene
278Malumalu--American SamoaLast 8,000 years
279Arlington Cone--Arizona-
280Black Bottom Crater--Arizona-
281Lenox Crater--Arizona-
282Maroon Crater--Arizona-
283Roden Crater--Arizona400,000 years ago
284San Francisco volcanic field--Arizona1075 AD ± 25 years
285Stewart Crater--Arizona-
286Uinkaret volcanic field--Arizona1100 AD ± 75 years Little Springs Pyroclastic Cone
287Big Pine volcanic field--California17,000 years ago
288Lassen Volcanic Center--California1917
289Pinnacles--California23 million years ago
290Pipkin--California770,000 ± 40,000 years ago
291Summer Coon--Colorado24 to 34 million years ago
292Kaʻena Point--HawaiiPleistocene Epoch
293Koko Guyot--Hawaii50 million years ago
294Māhukona--HawaiiAbout 470,000 years ago
295Punchbowl Crater--Hawaii400,000 to 500,000 years ago
296Blue Creek--Idaho-
297Split Butte--Idaho-
298The Great Rift--Idaho-
299Shoshone volcano--Idaho-
300Cottonwood Caldera--Nevada15.70 million years ago
301Crater Flat (Southwest Nevada Volcanic Field)--Nevada80,000 years ago
302Indian Peak-Caliente Caldera Complex--Nevada18 million years ago
303Jessup area--NevadaJurassic
304Lunar Crater volcanic field--Nevada38,100 ± 10,000 years ago
305Virgin Valley Caldera--Nevada16.38 million years ago
306Pawtuckaway Mountains--New HampshireCretaceous
307Ossipee Mountains--New HampshireCretaceous
308Hillsborough Caldera--North Carolina630 million years ago
309Bald Mountain Caldera--Oregon3.4 to 4.6 million years ago
310Brown Mountain--Oregon12,000 to 60,000 years ago
311Columbia River Basalt Group--Oregon6.0 million years ago
312Crooked River caldera--Oregon29.5 million years ago
313Gray Butte--Oregon29.5 million years ago
314Mahogany Mountain--Oregon15.5 million years ago
315Pelican Butte--Oregon60,000 years ago or earlier
316Rocky Butte--Oregon30,000 to 90,000 years ago
317Round Butte--Oregon-
318Strawberry Volcanics--Oregon12.5 to 16.2 million years ago
319Tower Mountain (Oregon)--Oregon22.0 million years ago
320Wildcat Mountain Caldera--Oregon36.0 million years ago
321Indian Peak-Caliente Caldera Complex--Utah18 million years ago

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