United Kingdom Map

United Kingdom Map

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About United Kingdom Map

Expore the UK map, The United Kingdom consists the island of Great Britain, the north­-eastern part of the island of Ireland, and many smaller islands.

Countries of the United Kingdom

NameCapitalLegislatureExecutiveLegal systemsJurisdiction
EnglandLondonUK Parliament's Legislative Grand Committee for EnglandBritish GovernmentEnglish lawEngland and Wales
Northern IrelandBelfastNorthern Ireland AssemblyNorthern Ireland ExecutiveNorthern Ireland law, Irish land lawNorthern Ireland
ScotlandEdinburghScottish ParliamentScottish GovernmentScots lawScotland
WalesCardiffSenedd CymruWelsh GovernmentEnglish law, Welsh lawEngland and Wales
United KingdomLondonUK ParliamentUK GovernmentUK lawUnited Kingdom

UK Population and Area Statistics

Country NamePopulation (2019)Population %Area km2Area %Pop. density (per km2; 2019)
Northern Ireland1,893,6673%13,5626%139.63
United Kingdom66,796,807100%242,509100%275.44

British Overseas Territories or United Kingdom Overseas Territories

NameLocationArea km2Area sq miPopulationCapital
AnguillaCaribbean, North Atlantic Ocean9135.114,869 (2019 estimate)The Valley
BermudaNorth Atlantic Ocean between the Azores, the Caribbean, Cape Sable Island and Canada5420.862,506 (2019 estimate)Hamilton
British Antarctic TerritoryAntarctica1,709,400660,0000, 50 non-permanent in winter, over 400 in summer (research personnel)Rothera (main base)
British Indian Ocean TerritoryIndian Ocean60230, 3,000 non-permanent (UK and US military and staff personnel; estimate)Diego Garcia (base)
British Virgin IslandsCaribbean, North Atlantic Ocean1535931,758 (2018 census)Road Town
Cayman IslandsCaribbean264101.968,076 (2019 estimate)George Town
Falkland IslandsSouth Atlantic Ocean12,1734,7003,377 (2019 estimate), 1,350 non-permanent (UK military personnel; 2012 estimate)Stanley
GibraltarIberian Peninsula, Continental Europe6.52.533,701 (2019 estimate), 1,250 non-permanent (UK military personnel; 2012 estimate)Gibraltar
MontserratCaribbean, North Atlantic Ocean101395,215 (2019 census)Plymouth (abandoned because of volcano - de facto capital is Brades)
Pitcairn, Henderson, Ducie and Oeno IslandsPacific Ocean471850 (2018 estimate), 6 non-permanent (2014 estimate)Adamstown
Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha, including: Saint Helena, Ascension Island, Tristan da CunhaSouth Atlantic Ocean4201625,633 (total; 2016 census), 4,349 (Saint Helena; 2019 census), 880 (Ascension; estimate), 1,000 non-permanent (Ascension; UK military personnel; estimate), 300 (Tristan da Cunha; estimate), 9 non-permanent (Tristan da Cunha; weather personnel)Jamestown
South Georgia and the South Sandwich IslandsSouth Atlantic Ocean3,9031,5070, 99 non-permanent (officials and research personnel)King Edward Point
Sovereign Base Areas of Akrotiri and DhekeliaCyprus, Mediterranean Sea255987,700 (Cypriots; estimate), 8,000 non-permanent (UK military personnel and their families; estimate)Episkopi Cantonment
Turks and Caicos IslandsLucayan Archipelago, North Atlantic Ocean43016638,191 (2019 estimate)Cockburn Town

Regions of England

NamePopulationArea km2Area sq miLargest urban area
South East9,180,13519,0727,364South Hampshire
London8,961,9891,572607Greater London Built-up Area
North West7,341,19614,1085,447Greater Manchester Built-up Area
East of England6,236,07219,1167,381Southend Urban Area
West Midlands5,934,03712,9985,019West Midlands Conurbation
South West5,624,69623,8369,203Bristol Built-up Area
Yorkshire and the Humber5,502,96715,4055,948West Yorkshire Built-up Area
East Midlands4,835,92815,6256,033Nottingham Urban Area
North East2,669,9418,5793,312Tyneside

Largest urban areas of the United Kingdom

RankUrban areaPopulationPrincipal settlement
1Greater London Urban Area9,787,426London
2Greater Manchester Urban Area2,553,379Manchester
3West Midlands Urban Area2,440,986Birmingham
4West Yorkshire Urban Area1,777,934Leeds
5Greater Glasgow985,290Glasgow
6Liverpool Urban Area864,122Liverpool
7South Hampshire855,569Southampton
9Nottingham Urban Area729,977Nottingham
10Sheffield Urban Area685,368Sheffield
11Bristol Urban Area617,280Bristol
12Edinburgh Urban Area512,150Edinburgh
13Leicester Urban Area508,916Leicester
14Belfast Urban Area483,418Belfast
15Brighton and Hove built-up area474,485Brighton
16South East Dorset conurbation466,266Bournemouth
17Cardiff Urban Area390,214Cardiff
19The Potteries Urban Area372,775Stoke-on-Trent
20Coventry and Bedworth Urban Area359,262Coventry

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