US National Parks Map

The U.S. National Parks map showcases the locations of America's protected natural treasures spread across the country. From iconic parks like Yellowstone in Wyoming and the Grand Canyon in Arizona to the Great Smoky Mountains straddling North Carolina and Tennessee, the map reveals the geographical diversity and natural beauty of the United States. Coastal parks like Acadia in Maine and Olympic in Washington contrast with arid landscapes like Death Valley in California and Nevada. The map serves as a visual guide for travelers and nature enthusiasts, highlighting opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and wildlife observation. It's a testament to the U.S.'s commitment to preserving its unique landscapes for future generations.

US National Parks Map

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About US National Parks Map

Explore National Parks in USA Map, The U.S. has 62 protected or preserved areas known as national parks that are regulated by the National Park Service, an bureau of the Department of the Interior. National parks must be settled by an act of the U.S. Congress. A bill establishing the 1st national park, Yellowstone, was signed into law by President Hiram Ulysses Grant in 1872, followed by Mackinac National Park in 1875 (demilitarize in 1895), and then Rock Creek Park (later incorporated into National Capital Parks), Sequoia & Yosemite in 1890. The Organic Act of 1916 established the National Park Service to preserve the scenery and the natural and historic things and wildlife in there, and to prepare for the amusement of the same in such style and by such means as will allow them intact for the amusement of coming generations.

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List of national parks of the United States

National ParkLocationDate established as parkArea in acres (2019)Area in km2 (2019)Recreation Visitors (2019)Status by UNESCO
AcadiaMaineFebruary 26, 191949,076.63198.63,437,286 
American SamoaAmerican SamoaOctober 31, 19888,256.6733.460,006 
ArchesUtahNovember 12, 197176,678.98310.31,659,702 
BadlandsSouth DakotaNovember 10, 1978242,755.94982.4970,998 
Big BendTexasJune 12, 1944801,163.213,242.20463,832Biosphere Reserve
BiscayneFloridaJune 28, 1980172,971.11700708,522 
Black Canyon of the GunnisonColoradoOctober 21, 199930,779.83124.6432,818 
Bryce CanyonUtahFebruary 25, 192835,835.081452,594,904 
CanyonlandsUtahSeptember 12, 1964337,597.831,366.20733,996 
Capitol ReefUtahDecember 18, 1971241,904.509791,226,519 
Carlsbad CavernsNew MexicoMay 14, 193046,766.45189.3440,691World Heritage Site
Channel IslandsCaliforniaMarch 5, 1980249,561.001,009.90409,630Biosphere Reserve
CongareeSouth CarolinaNovember 10, 200326,476.47107.1159,445Biosphere Reserve
Crater LakeOregonMay 22, 1902183,224.05741.5704,512 
Cuyahoga ValleyOhioOctober 11, 200032,571.88131.82,237,997 
Death ValleyCalifornia, NevadaOctober 31, 19943,408,406.7313,793.301,740,945Biosphere Reserve
DenaliAlaskaFebruary 26, 19174,740,911.1619,185.80601,152Biosphere Reserve
Dry TortugasFloridaOctober 26, 199264,701.22261.879,200Biosphere Reserve
EvergladesFloridaMay 30, 19341,508,938.576,106.501,118,300World Heritage Site, Biosphere Reserve
Gates of the ArcticAlaskaDecember 2, 19807,523,897.4530,448.1010,518 
Gateway ArchMissouriFebruary 22, 2018192.830.82,055,309 
GlacierMontanaMay 11, 19101,013,125.994,100.003,049,839World Heritage Site, Biosphere Reserve
Glacier BayAlaskaDecember 2, 19803,223,383.4313,044.60672,087World Heritage Site, Biosphere Reserve
Grand CanyonArizonaFebruary 26, 19191,201,647.034,862.905,974,411World Heritage Site
Grand TetonWyomingFebruary 26, 1929310,044.361,254.703,405,614Biosphere Reserve
Great BasinNevadaOctober 27, 198677,180.00312.3131,802 
Great Sand DunesColoradoSeptember 13, 2004107,341.87434.4527,546 
Great Smoky MountainsNorth Carolina, TennesseeJune 15, 1934522,426.882,114.2012,547,743World Heritage Site, Biosphere Reserve
Guadalupe MountainsTexasOctober 15, 196686,367.10349.5188,833 
HaleakalāHawaiiJuly 1, 196133,264.62134.6994,394Biosphere Reserve
Hawaiʻi VolcanoesHawaiiAugust 1, 1916325,605.281,317.701,368,376World Heritage Site, Biosphere Reserve
Hot SpringsArkansasMarch 4, 19215,554.1522.51,467,153 
Indiana DunesIndianaFebruary 15, 201915,349.0862.12,134,285 
Isle RoyaleMichiganApril 3, 1940571,790.302,314.0026,410Biosphere Reserve
Joshua TreeCaliforniaOctober 31, 1994795,155.853,217.902,988,547Biosphere Reserve
KatmaiAlaskaDecember 2, 19803,674,529.3314,870.3084,167 
Kenai FjordsAlaskaDecember 2, 1980669,650.052,710.00356,601 
Kings CanyonCaliforniaMarch 4, 1940461,901.201,869.20632,110Biosphere Reserve
Kobuk ValleyAlaskaDecember 2, 19801,750,716.167,084.9015,766 
Lake ClarkAlaskaDecember 2, 19802,619,816.4910,602.0017,157 
Lassen VolcanicCaliforniaAugust 9, 1916106,589.02431.4517,039 
Mammoth CaveKentuckyJuly 1, 194154,011.91218.6551,590World Heritage Site, Biosphere Reserve
Mesa VerdeColoradoJune 29, 190652,485.17212.4556,203World Heritage Site
Mount RainierWashingtonMarch 2, 1899236,381.64956.61,501,621 
North CascadesWashingtonOctober 2, 1968504,780.942,042.8038,208 
OlympicWashingtonJune 29, 1938922,649.413,733.803,245,806World Heritage Site, Biosphere Reserve
Petrified ForestArizonaDecember 9, 1962221,390.21895.9643,588 
PinnaclesCaliforniaJanuary 10, 201326,685.73108177,224 
RedwoodCaliforniaOctober 2, 1968138,999.37562.5504,722World Heritage Site
Rocky MountainColoradoJanuary 26, 1915265,807.251,075.704,670,053Biosphere Reserve
SaguaroArizonaOctober 14, 199491,715.72371.21,020,226 
SequoiaCaliforniaSeptember 25, 1890404,062.631,635.201,246,053Biosphere Reserve
ShenandoahVirginiaDecember 26, 1935199,223.77806.21,425,507 
Theodore RooseveltNorth DakotaNovember 10, 197870,446.89285.1691,658 
Virgin IslandsU.S. Virgin IslandsAugust 2, 195615,052.5360.9133,398 
VoyageursMinnesotaApril 8, 1975218,222.35883.1232,974 
White SandsNew MexicoDecember 20, 2019146,344.31592.2608,785 
Wind CaveSouth DakotaJanuary 9, 190333,970.84137.5615,350 
Wrangell-St. EliasAlaskaDecember 2, 19808,323,146.4833,682.6074,518World Heritage Site
YellowstoneWyoming, Montana, IdahoMarch 1, 18722,219,790.718,983.204,020,288World Heritage Site, Biosphere Reserve
YosemiteCaliforniaOctober 1, 1890761,747.503,082.704,422,861World Heritage Site
ZionUtahNovember 19, 1919147,242.66595.94,488,268

National Parks in the United States

National Parks in the United States are a testament to the country's commitment to conservation, recreation, and the preservation of natural beauty and cultural heritage. Managed primarily by the National Park Service, a division of the Department of the Interior, the national parks encompass a stunning range of ecosystems, geological formations, and historic sites. Below are key aspects of the U.S. National Parks system:

History and Formation

The concept of national parks in the United States can be traced back to the establishment of Yellowstone National Park in 1872, making it the first of its kind not just in the U.S. but in the world. The National Park Service was later created in 1916 to manage and maintain these growing numbers of parks. Over time, the system has expanded to include more than 60 designated national parks across the continental U.S., Alaska, and U.S. territories.

Geographic Diversity

Mountainous Regions:

Parks like Rocky Mountain in Colorado, Glacier in Montana, and Denali in Alaska showcase the stunning mountainous terrain of the U.S.


Arches in Utah and Death Valley in California and Nevada offer striking desert landscapes and geological formations.


From the temperate rainforests in Olympic National Park in Washington to the hardwood forests in Shenandoah National Park in Virginia, these parks preserve vital forest ecosystems.

Coastal and Marine Areas:

Acadia National Park in Maine and Channel Islands National Park in California protect coastal and marine environments.

Historical and Cultural Sites:

Some parks, such as Gettysburg National Military Park, are designated to preserve crucial historic sites.

Popular Parks

Yellowstone National Park:

Known for its geysers and hot springs, as well as its diverse wildlife like bison and elk.

Grand Canyon National Park:

Famous for its immense size and intricate and colorful landscape, offering some of the most stunning vistas in the world.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park:

Renowned for its biodiversity, mist-covered mountains, and well-preserved historic buildings.

Yosemite National Park:

Known for its granite cliffs, waterfalls, and giant sequoia groves.

Educational and Recreational Opportunities

National Parks serve as outdoor classrooms that offer numerous educational programs for both young and old. They are also hotspots for a variety of recreational activities such as hiking, camping, rock climbing, and water sports, among others.

Conservation Efforts

Conservation is one of the core missions of the National Park Service. Efforts include habitat restoration, wildlife protection, and environmental education programs. Many parks also collaborate with local communities and indigenous populations for sustainable management practices.

Challenges and Issues

While the parks are immensely popular, attracting millions of visitors each year, this popularity comes with challenges such as overcrowding, pollution, and strain on natural resources. Climate change also poses a significant threat, affecting wildlife habitats and increasing the risk of wildfires and floods.

Economic Impact

National parks are not just natural and cultural treasures; they are also economic engines. They contribute billions of dollars to the U.S. economy annually, supporting tens of thousands of jobs related to tourism and outdoor recreation.

The National Parks of the United States are a diverse and precious collection of landscapes and landmarks that offer an unparalleled scope for education, recreation, and conservation. They embody the country's commitment to preserving its natural beauty and cultural heritage for future generations while serving as a model for similar initiatives worldwide.

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