Europe Map

The Europe map comprises all the entities that come under any of the many common definitions of the European continent. These definitions include both political as well as geographical and even include those that come with these definitions partially. Fifty-six sovereign state, which includes six that have limited recognition, are listed as either having territory in Europe/ or are members of one or more of the international European organizations. There are also eight areas that do not form a part of a European country or have special political status.

Europe Map

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About Europe

Europe is situated entirely in the Northern Hemisphere and mostly in the Eastern Hemisphere. Covering an area of 3,930,000 square miles (10,180,000 square kilometers), Europe is the second smallest continent in the world. It covers an approximate 2 percent of the surface of the earth. According to a 2016 estimate, Europe comprises a population of 741 million people, which comprises around 11 percent of the world’s population.

The Arctic Ocean is located to the north of the continent, while The Atlantic Ocean is to its west. The Mediterranean Sea is situated to the south of Europe. The two continents of Europe and Asia are joined by land; however, the watershed divides of the Ural and the Caucasus Mountains, the Caspian and Black Seas, the Ural River, and the Turkish Straits are considered as demarcations between the two continents.

Europe comprises around 50 sovereign states. Among these, the Russian Federation, which spans the two continents of Asia and Europe, is the largest as well as the most populous. The European part of Russia covers around 39 percent of the area of the continent. It is also home to around 15 percent of the population of Europe.

The warm Atlantic currents determine the climate of the continent. These temper summers an winters on much of Europe. Seasonal differences are much clearly noticeable further from the sea rather than close to the coast.

Geographical boundaries of Europe

The nations of Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Turkey are known as the transcontinental states as their land covers both Asia and Europe. This is due to the fact that the common understanding is that the border between these two continents stretches along the Black Sea and the Greater Caucasus range in the south and the Ural River, the Caspian Sea and the Ural Mountains in the East.

Cyprus, which is an island in Western Asia, and is located in proximity to Anatolia, is often considered in Europe. It is also a member of the European Union. Similarly, Armenia is also a member of many European organizations; however, it is situated in Western Asia.

The division between Africa and Europe is much more distinct. The Mediterranean Sea divides the two continents. Despite this, there are a few islands that are located on the African continental plate but are considered a part of Europe. Some of these islands are Sicily, Pelagian Islands, Malta, and Pantelleria.

Greenland, which is considered a part of North America, has connections with Europe, as it is a part of the Kingdom of Denmark. A couple of European countries have their territories in other continents such as Ceuta and Melilla, which are a part of Spain, a country in Europe, but are located in Africa. Saba, Bonaire, and Sint Eustatius are Dutch territories but are located in the Caribbean.

Geography of Europe

Europe is the northwestern peninsula of Eurasia. Asia is the eastern part of this huge landmass. The Ural Mountains in Russia define the eastern frontier of the continent. As per the modern definition, the Ural River, and at times the Emba River, is generally defined as the southeast boundary. The boundary continues to the Caspian Sea and the crest of the Caucasus Mountains. From there it continues to the Black Sea. The Sea of Marmara, the Dardanelles, and the Bosporus end the continents boundary with Asia.

The Mediterranean Sea acts as the boundary between the two continents of Europe and Africa. The Atlantic Ocean is the western boundary of Europe. Iceland, which is much nearer to Greenland, which is in North America, is considered a part of Europe due to cultural reasons.

History of Europe

Europe has a rich history which spans many millennia. The history of the continent can be traced to the period referred as the classical antiquity. It was during this period that the ancient Greek City States emerged. This period was followed by that of the Roman Empire, which lasted for around a thousand years. The Roman Empire declined in around 476 AD and with it began the Middle Ages. The 14th century witnessed the Renaissance and also that of Protestant Reformation.

Europe became a prosperous continent with the advent of the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century. Many of the leading European powers such as Spain, the United Kingdom, Portugal, etc, also established colonies in Asia, Africa, and South America.

In the early and mid-twentieth century, Europe witnessed the devastating World War 1 and World War 2, which resulted in massive destruction and loss of life. The Cold War followed the World War2. On one side were the Soviet Union and its allies while on the other was the United States and its allies. The Cold War, which began in 1947, came to an end in 1989. Two years later, the Soviet Union disintegrated into 15 countries. Today, many of the European nations are a part of the European Union. The United States, along with many nations situated west of Russia, is a part of the NATO.

Sovereign European Countries

Recognized Countries in Europe

S.N.European CountryCapitalPopulationCurrencyDialing CodeGDP PPP (Millions)GDP Nominal in MillionsGDP PPP per CapitaArea (km2)Area (sq mi)
1AlbaniaTirana30,20,209Lek+355$32,440$11,590$11,900 28,74811,100
2AndorraAndorra la Vella85,458Euro+376$3,163$4,800$37,200 468181
3ArmeniaYerevan30,60,631Dram+374$25,220$10,610$8,400 29,74311,484
4AustriaVienna82,23,062Euro+43$4,03,800$3,72,600$47,500 83,87132,383
5AzerbaijanBaku96,86,210Manat+994$1,74,300$63,980$18,700 86,60033,436
6BelarusMinsk96,08,058Belarusian ruble+375$1,68,200$62,020$17,800 2,07,60080,155
7BelgiumBrussels112,39,755Euro+32$4,94,600$4,58,700$44,100 30,52811,787
8Bosnia and HerzegovinaSarajevo38,71,643Convertible mark+387$39,460$15,570$10,200 51,19719,767
9BulgariaSofia69,24,716Lev+359$1,32,600$47,170$18,400 1,10,87942,811
10CroatiaZagreb44,70,534Kuna+385$90,330$48,930$21,300 56,59421,851
11CyprusNicosia11,72,458Euro+357$27,910$19,380$31,000 9,2513,572
12Czech RepublicPrague105,38,275Czech koruna+420$3,31,400$1,82,500$31,500 78,86730,451
13DenmarkCopenhagen55,69,077Danish krone+45$2,57,100$2,91,000$45,800 43,09416,639
14EstoniaTallinn12,57,921Euro+372$37,880$22,930$28,700 45,22817,463
15FinlandHelsinki52,68,799Euro+358$2,24,700$2,30,700$41,200 3,38,1451,30,559
16FranceParis662,59,012Euro, CFP franc+33$26,47,000$24,23,000$41,400 6,43,4272,48,429
17GeorgiaTbilisi / T'bilisi49,35,880Lari+995$35,370$13,750$9,500 69,70026,911
18GermanyBerlin809,96,685Euro+49$38,42,000$33,71,000$47,400 3,57,0221,37,847
19GreeceAthens108,16,286Euro+30$2,81,600$1,93,000$25,600 1,31,95750,949
20HungaryBudapest99,19,128Forint+36$2,57,000$1,18,500$26,000 93,02835,918
21IcelandReykjavík3,17,351Icelandic króna+354$15,010$16,740$46,600 1,03,00039,769
22IrelandDublin48,32,765Euro+353$2,50,300$2,27,500$54,300 70,27327,133
23ItalyRome616,80,122Euro+39$21,74,000$18,19,000$35,800 3,01,3401,16,348
24KazakhstanAstana179,48,816Tenge+7-6xx, +7-7xx$43,05,00$1,95,000$24,700 27,24,90010,52,090
25LatviaRiga21,65,165Euro+371$49,890$27,820$24,500 64,58924,938
26LiechtensteinVaduz37,313Swiss franc+423$3,200$5,113$89,400 16062
27LithuaniaVilnius29,43,472Euro+370$82,140$41,780$28,000 65,30025,212
28LuxembourgLuxembourg City5,20,672Euro+352$56,580$57,930$1,02,900 2,586998
29MacedoniaSkopje20,91,719Macedonian denar+389$28,890$10,090$14,000 25,7139,928
30MaltaValletta4,12,655Euro+356$14,750$9,190$34,700 316122
31MoldovaChișinău35,83,288Moldovan leu+373$17,770$6,188$5,000 33,85113,070
32MonacoMonaco30,508Euro+377$6,790$6,063$78,700 20.8
33MontenegroPodgorica6,50,036Euro+382$9,829$3,985$15,700 13,8125,333
34NetherlandsAmsterdam(capital)168,77,351Euro, US dollar, NA guilder, Aruban florin+31$8,31,400$7,50,800$49,300 41,54316,040
35NorwayOslo51,47,792Norwegian krone+47$3,52,800$3,97,600$68,400 3,23,8021,25,021
36PolandWarsaw383,46,279Z?oty+48$10,03,000$4,81,200$26,400 3,12,6851,20,728
37PortugalLisbon104,27,301Euro+351$2,88,600$1,97,500$27,800 92,09035,556
38RomaniaBucharest217,29,871Romanian leu+40$4,11,100$1,74,900$20,600 2,38,39192,043
39RussiaMoscow1462,67,288Russian ruble+7$34,71,000$12,36,000$23,700 170,98,24266,01,668
40San MarinoSan Marino32,742Euro+378$1,952$1,543$62,100 6124
41SerbiaBelgrade72,09,764Serbian dinar+381$97,270$36,560$13,600 88,36134,116
42SlovakiaBratislava54,43,583Euro+421$1,59,600$86,200$29,500 49,03518,933
43SloveniaLjubljana19,88,292Euro+386$63,600$42,740$30,900 20,2737,827
44SpainMadrid477,37,941Euro+34$16,36,000$12,21,000$35,200 5,05,3701,95,124
45SwedenStockholm97,23,809Swedish krona+46$4,67,400$4,83,700$48,000 4,50,2951,73,860
46SwitzerlandBern / Berne80,61,516Swiss franc+41$4,82,700$6,77,000$59,300 41,27715,937
47TurkeyAnkara766,67,864Turkish lira+90$15,76,000$7,22,200$20,500 7,83,5623,02,535
48UkraineKiev442,91,413Ukrainian hryvnia+380$3,34,200$90,140$8,000 6,03,5502,33,032
49United KingdomLondon637,42,977Pound sterling+44$26,60,000$28,65,000$41,200 2,43,61094,058
50Vatican CityVatican City842Euro+379   0.440.17

European Countries with Limited Recognition

The following 6 regions in Europe have partial diplomatic recognition by 1 or more UN member countries (and therefore are Recognized as countries by the constitutive theory of statehood) or have no diplomatic recognition by any UN member country but are recognized as countries by the declarative theory of statehood and are recognized by 1 or more Non-UN member countries. None are members of the UN, EU or Council of Europe.

S.N.European CountriesStatusCapitalCurrencyDialing CodePopulationGDP PPP in MillionsGDP Nominal in MillionsGDP per CapitaArea (km2)Area (sq mi)
1AbkhaziaClaimed as an autonomous republic of Georgia. Recognized or acclaimed by 4 UN countries.SukhumiAbkhazian apsar, Russian ruble+7 840, +7 940, +995 442,50,000 $500  8,6603,344
2KosovoRecognized or acclaimed by 108 UN member countries.PristinaEuro+38118,36,529$17,630 $6,309 $9,570 10,8874,203
3Nagorno-KarabakhClaimed as part ofAzerbaijan. De facto independent state, Recognized or acclaimed by 3 non-UN states.StepanakertArmenian dram, Nagorno-Karabakh dram+374 47 / 971,41,400$411.7 $2,780 7,0002,703
4Northern CyprusRecognized by Turkey. Claimed as part of the Cyprus.NicosiaTurkish lira+902,94,906 $4,273 $15,302 3,3551,295
5South OssetiaClaimed as part of Georgia. Recognized or acclaimed by 4 UN countries.TskhinvaliRussian ruble+995 3470,000$15  $250 3,9001,506
6TransnistriaClaimed as a administrative division of Moldova. De facto independent state, Recognized or acclaimed by three non-UN countries.TiraspolTransnistrian ruble+3735,30,000$799  $1,500 3,5001,351

Dependent Territories in Europe

The following 6 European regions are dependent territories.

S.N.Territories in EuropeLegal statusCapitalCurrencyDialing CodePopulationGDP PPP in MillionsGDP Nominal in MillionsGDP per CapitaArea (km2)Area (sq mi)
1Akrotiri and DhekeliaBritish overseas territoryEpiskopi CantonmentEuro+3577,700 Cypriots, 8,000 British military personnel and their families   25498
2Faroe Islands / Faeroe IslandsConstituent country of DenmarkTórshavnFaroese króna, Danish krone+29849,947$1,471 $2,320 $30,500 1,393538
3GibraltarBritish overseas territoryGibraltarGibraltar pound+35029,185$1,850 $1,850 $43,000 6.52.5
4GuernseyCrown Dependency of the Crown in Right of the UK.Saint Peter PortPound sterling+4465,849$3,451 $2,742 $52,300 7830
5Isle of ManCrown Dependency of The Crown in Right of the UK.DouglasPound sterling+4486,866$6,298 $4,076 $53,800 572221
6JerseyCrown Dependency of The Crown in Right of the UK.Saint HelierPound sterling+4496,513$5,771 $5,771 $57,000 11846

Special areas of Internal Sovereignty

The following regions are recognized integral parts of their controlling country, but have a political arrangement or system which was determined through an international agreement.

S.N.Special Area in EuropeLegal statusCapitalCurrencyDialing CodePopulationGDP PPP in MillionsGDP Nominal in MillionsGDP per CapitaArea (km2)Area (sq mi)
1ÅlandSelf-governing or autonomous area of Finland, significant autonomy as the result of crisis in Åland.MariehamnEuro+35827,500$1,563  $55,829 6,7872,620
2Northern IrelandPart of the UK, devolved government decided by the Good Friday Agreement.BelfastPound Sterling+4418,10,863$45,288 $49,330 $24,760 14,1305,456
3SvalbardSpecial territory of Norway, decided by the Svalbard Treaty.LongyearbyenNorwegian krone+472,019   62,04523,956