US Lakes Map

Explore US map showing lakes, The United States boasts a diverse array of lakes, each offering unique natural beauty and recreational opportunities. From the vast Great Lakes, which are among the largest in the world, to the scenic alpine lakes found in the Rocky Mountains, American lakes are important for both ecology and tourism. These bodies of water support various activities, including fishing, boating, and wildlife viewing, making them popular destinations for both residents and visitors. Environmental efforts are crucial to preserve these natural resources for future generations, ensuring that they continue to provide habitat, water supply, and leisure activities.

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About US Lakes Map

Explore the map of United States to see all the lakes in United States of America. The location and names of the lakes are clearly marked on the US map.

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Lakes in the United States

The United States is home to an extensive network of lakes, ranging from the vast Great Lakes to thousands of smaller bodies of water scattered across the country. These lakes are crucial for their ecological, economic, and recreational value.

The Great Lakes

The Great Lakes—Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie, and Ontario—form the largest group of freshwater lakes on Earth by total area. Together, they hold about 84% of North America's surface freshwater. Located on the U.S.-Canada border, they serve as a major hub for transportation, commerce, and recreation, impacting the lives of millions of people.

Regional Lakes

Beyond the Great Lakes, the U.S. features a variety of other significant lakes:

Salt Lake in Utah is one of the largest saltwater lakes in the Western Hemisphere.
Lake Tahoe between California and Nevada is known for its clear waters and scenic mountain surroundings.
Crater Lake in Oregon, formed by the collapse of a volcano, is the deepest lake in the U.S. and renowned for its deep blue color and water clarity.

Ecological Importance

Lakes in the United States are vital habitats for a wide range of wildlife. They support aquatic ecosystems that include fish, amphibians, and a host of plant species. Birds, particularly migratory species, rely on lakes for rest and nourishment along their routes.

Recreational Use

Lakes are popular destinations for various recreational activities. Fishing, boating, swimming, and hiking are common pursuits enjoyed by millions of visitors each year. Lakes also contribute to the local economy by attracting tourists, which benefits hotels, restaurants, and other local businesses.

Conservation Efforts

Conservation of these natural resources is critical. Pollution, invasive species, and climate change pose significant threats to lake ecosystems. Various government and non-profit organizations are engaged in efforts to protect and preserve the health of these aquatic environments.

The lakes of the United States are more than just bodies of water; they are integral to the nation’s landscape and are deeply woven into the ecological and cultural fabric of the country. Preserving these lakes ensures that future generations can enjoy and benefit from these natural treasures.

Largest Lakes in the U.S. by Area

The United States features some of the largest and most iconic lakes in the world. These lakes not only serve as key water resources but also as popular recreational destinations that attract millions of visitors each year. Here is a look at the largest lakes in the U.S. by surface area.

Great Lakes

Lake Superior

The largest freshwater lake by surface area in the United States and the world, Lake Superior covers approximately 31,700 square miles. It borders Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ontario, Canada. Known for its cold, clear waters, the lake plays a crucial role in North America's ecology and economy.

Lake Huron

With a surface area of about 23,000 square miles, Lake Huron is the second-largest Great Lake. It includes the vast Georgian Bay and shares its shores with Michigan and Ontario. The lake is dotted with numerous islands and is a popular spot for boating and fishing.

Lake Michigan

The only Great Lake located entirely in the United States, Lake Michigan has a surface area of approximately 22,400 square miles. It borders four states: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin. The lake is a central hub for commerce, recreation, and wildlife.

Other Notable Lakes

Lake Erie

The fourth-largest Great Lake, Lake Erie covers about 9,910 square miles. Despite being one of the smaller Great Lakes, it is exceptionally shallow, which allows for quick warming and cooling of its waters. It borders Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Michigan, and Ontario.

Lake Ontario

The smallest of the Great Lakes, Lake Ontario still ranks as one of the largest lakes in the U.S. by area with about 7,340 square miles. It serves as the gateway to the Atlantic Ocean via the Saint Lawrence River and is bordered by New York and Ontario.

Conservation and Recreation

These large lakes are not only important for their size but also for their environmental significance and recreational value. They support diverse ecosystems with various fish and wildlife species. Efforts to conserve the water quality and natural habitats in these areas are vital for maintaining the lakes’ health and the enjoyment of future generations. Each lake offers unique activities like fishing, boating, swimming, and scenic tours, making them key destinations for outdoor enthusiasts.

List of Largest Lakes in the USA by Area

RankNameFlows Through - U.S. States / Canadian Provinces / Mexican StatesTypeArea in sq miArea in km2
1Lake SuperiorMichigan-Minnesota-Wisconsin-Ontarionatural31,70082,103
2Lake HuronMichigan-Ontarionatural23,00059,570
3Lake MichiganIllinois-Indiana-Michigan-Wisconsinnatural22,30057,757
4Lake ErieMichigan-New York-Ohio-Ontario-Pennsylvanianatural9,91025,667
5Lake OntarioNew York-Ontarionatural7,34019,011
6Lake of the WoodsManitoba-Minnesota-Ontarionatural1,6794,349
7Iliamna LakeAlaskanatural1,0142,626
8Great Salt LakeUtahnatural9502,460
9Lake OaheNorth Dakota-South Dakotaman-made6851,774
10Lake OkeechobeeFloridanatural6621,715
11Lake PontchartrainLouisiananatural6311,634
12Lake SakakaweaNorth Dakotaman-made5201,347
13Lake ChamplainNew York-Vermont-Quebecnatural4901,269
14Becharof LakeAlaskanatural4531,173
15Lake St. ClairMichigan-Ontarionatural4401,140
16Red LakeMinnesotanatural4271,106
17Selawik LakeAlaskanatural4041,046
18Fort Peck LakeMontanaman-made3931,018
19Salton SeaCaliforniaman-made347899
20Rainy LakeMinnesota-Ontarionatural345894
21Teshekpuk LakeAlaskanatural320829
22Devils LakeNorth Dakotanatural300777
23Toledo Bend ReservoirLouisiana-Texasman-made284736
24Lake PowellArizona-Utahman-made251650
25Kentucky LakeKentucky-Tennesseeman-made250647
26Lake MeadArizona-Nevadaman-made247640
27Naknek LakeAlaskanatural242627
28Lake WinnebagoWisconsinnatural215557
29Mille Lacs LakeMinnesotanatural207536
30Flathead LakeMontananatural192497
31Lake TahoeCalifornia-Nevadanatural191495
32Pyramid LakeNevadanatural183474
33Sam Rayburn ReservoirTexasman-made179464
34Eufaula LakeOklahomaman-made169438
*Tulare LakeCalifornianatural168435
35Lake MarionSouth Carolinaman-made165427
36Leech LakeMinnesotanatural161417
37Utah LakeUtahnatural151391
38Lake Francis CaseSouth Dakotaman-made149386
39Lake Pend OreilleIdahonatural148383
40Lake TexomaOklahoma-Texasman-made139360
41Yellowstone LakeWyomingnatural136352
42Falcon LakeTamaulipas-Texasman-made131339
43Lake LivingstonTexasman-made130337
44Franklin D. Roosevelt LakeWashingtonman-made128332
45Lake ClarkAlaskanatural120311
46Moosehead LakeMainenatural117303
47Lake Strom ThurmondGeorgia-South Carolinaman-made111287
48Bear LakeIdaho-Utahnatural109282
49Lake GuntersvilleAlabamaman-made108280
50Lake St. FrancisNew York-Ontario-Quebecman-made105272
50Wheeler LakeAlabamaman-made105272
52Amistad LakeCoahuila-Texasman-made102264
53Klamath LakeOregonnatural96249
54Tustumena LakeAlaskanatural94243
54Lake MoultrieSouth Carolinaman-made94243
56Lake WinnibigoshishMinnesotanatural91236
56Lake BarkleyKentucky-Tennesseeman-made91236
58Lake SharpeSouth Dakotaman-made89231
59American Falls ReservoirIdahoman-made88228
60Lake HartwellGeorgia-South Carolinaman-made87225
60Truman ReservoirMissouriman-made87225
62Lake of the OzarksMissouriman-made86223
63Oneida LakeNew Yorknatural80207
64Lake CumberlandKentuckyman-made79205
65Kerr LakeNorth Carolina-Virginiaman-made78202
66Calcasieu LakeLouisiananatural77199
67Lake MurraySouth Carolinaman-made75194
68Grand Lake o' the CherokeesOklahomaman-made73189
68Lake KoocanusaBritish Columbia-Montanaman-made73189
70Lake GeorgeFloridanatural72186
71Lake WinnipesaukeeNew Hampshirenatural71184
71Bull Shoals LakeArkansas-Missouriman-made71184
71Walter F. George LakeAlabama-Georgiaman-made71184
74Lake MartinAlabamaman-made69179
75Clear LakeCalifornianatural68176
75Robert S. Kerr LakeOklahomaman-made68176
75Seneca LakeNew Yorknatural68176
78Pickwick LakeAlabama-Mississippi-Tennesseeman-made67174
78Table Rock LakeArkansas-Missouriman-made67174
78Cayuga LakeNew Yorknatural67174
81Flaming Gorge ReservoirUtah-Wyomingman-made66171
82Richland-Chambers ReservoirTexasman-made64166
83Lake VermilionMinnesotanatural63163
83Lake OuachitaArkansasman-made63163
83Lake MattamuskeetNorth Carolinanatural63163
86Watts Bar LakeTennesseeman-made61158
86Lake WallulaOregon-Washingtonman-made61158
88Lake LanierGeorgiaman-made59153
89Lake TawakoniTexasman-made57148
89Elephant Butte LakeNew Mexicoman-made57148
89Chickamauga LakeTennesseeman-made57148
92Grenada LakeMississippiman-made55142
92Lake KissimmeeFloridanatural55142
94Lake DardanelleArkansasman-made54140
95Norris LakeTennesseeman-made53137
95Canyon Ferry LakeMontanaman-made53137
97Lake ChelanWashingtonnatural52135
98Cedar Creek LakeTexasman-made51132
98Lake NormanNorth Carolinaman-made51132
98Sardis LakeMississippiman-made51132

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