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The United States is a federal republic consisting of fifty states, a federal district known as Washington, D.C. (the capital city of the United States of America), 5 major self-governing territories, and various possessions. The forty eight contiguous states and Washington, D.C., are in North America between Mexico and Canada, while Alaska is in the far north-western part of North America and Hawaii is an archipelago in the midPacific. Territories of the U.S. are scattered throughout the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean.

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US State Map

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Explore 50 states map to locate all US states, this US map with state names is US political map with all the states labeled.

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Powers, Functions and Representation of the States of the United States

The United States is a huge nation which comprises 50 states and a federal district, Washington D.C., which is the capital of the nation. The area of he states is not uniform. While Alaska is the largest state of the country comprising an area of 665,384 square miles, Rhode Island is the smallest and covers an area of just 1,545 square miles. For a better administration, the all the 50 states are divided into counties or county-equivalents. These counties many have some sort of local government for an effective management of affairs; however, they are not sovereign and are subject to the laws of the state. the structure of the counties or county-equivalents differs from one state to the other.

Through their individual constitution, the government of each state of the United States is allocated power by the people. The government of every state in the country comprises three branches and these are the executive, legislature, and the judiciary.

Powers and functions of the US states

The States have a number of powers that are granted to them under the Constitution of the country. One of the most important powers of the states is the ratifying of the constitutional amendments. Some of the functions that come under the control of the state governments are public education and health, local law enforcement, regulating intrastate commerce, and local transportation, to name a few. However, these now receive funding from the federal government and are regulated as well. During, the past few years, the relations between the federal government and the states in the country have undergone some changes. Today, the federal government is playing a much larger role in state affairs as compared to the earlier times. In a nutshell, it can be said that the general tendency in the country is today more towards centralization.

States’ representation in the Congress and bicameral legislature

Every state of the country is well represented in the federal Congress and the bicameral legislature, which comprises the Senate and the House of Representatives. Two Senators represent a particular state in the Senate, while every state is entitled to at least one representative in the House of Representatives. The representatives are elected from the single-member districts. However, unlike the senate, the allotment of seats to the representatives is not uniform across all states. The seats in the House of Representatives are distributed among all states of the country in proportion to the constitutionally mandated decennial census that has been conducted recently. Thus California, which is the most populous state of the country, has 53 representatives, while Alaska, Delaware, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont and Wyoming have just one representative. Another significant role that states play is the selecting of electors. Every state of the nation is entitled to select a number of electors to the to vote in the Electoral College. This is an important body, which elects the President of the United States. The number of electors elected by each state should be equal to the total of representatives and senators from that particular state.

Admitting new states

The Congress has been granted authority by the Constitution of the nation to admit new states into the Union. This authority has frequently been used and a number of new states have been admitted into the Union over the years. During the establishment of the United States in 1776, there were just 13 states in the country. Over the course of the next two years the number has significantly risen and today the United States comprises 50 states. The recent additions to the Union have been the two stats of Hawaii and Alaska. Both these states were admitted to the Union in 1959.

Meanwhile, the Constitution says nothing about the states’ right to secede from the Union. However, the Supreme Court had passed a judgment in this regard shortly after the end of the Civil War. In the Texas v. White case, which was argued before the Supreme Court in 1869, the highest court of the land held that the states couldn’t secede from the Union.

States of the United States of America

S.N.StateAbr.CapitalLargest CityState-hoodPopulation (2019 est.)Total Area (mi²)Total Area (km²)Land Area (mi²)Land Area (km²)Water Area (mi²)Water Area (km²)Number of Reps.
1AlabamaALMontgomeryBirminghamDec 14, 18194,903,18552,420135,76750,645131,1711,7754,5977
2AlaskaAKJuneauAnchorageJan 3, 1959731,545665,3841,723,337570,6411,477,95394,743245,3841
3ArizonaAZPhoenixPhoenixFeb 14, 19127,278,717113,990295,234113,594294,2073961,0269
4ArkansasARLittle RockLittle Rock 3,017,80453,179137,73252,035134,7711,1432,9614
5CaliforniaCASacramentoLos AngelesSep 9, 185039,512,223163,695423,967155,779403,4667,91620,50153
6ColoradoCODenverDenverAug 1, 18765,758,736104,094269,601103,642268,4314521,1707
7ConnecticutCTHartfordBridgeportJan 9, 17883,565,2785,54314,3574,84212,5427011,8165
8DelawareDEDoverWilmingtonDec 7, 1787973,7642,4896,4461,9495,0475401,3991
9FloridaFLTallahasseeJacksonvilleMar 3, 184521,477,73765,758170,31253,625138,88712,13331,42427
10GeorgiaGAAtlantaAtlantaJan 2, 178810,617,42359,425153,91057,513148,9591,9124,95114
11HawaiiHIHonoluluHonoluluAug 21, 19591,415,87210,93228,3136,42316,6354,50911,6782
12IdahoIDBoiseBoiseJul 3, 18901,787,06583,569216,44382,643214,0459262,3982
13IllinoisILSpringfieldChicagoDec 3, 181812,671,82157,914149,99555,519143,7932,3956,20218
14IndianaINIndianapolisIndianapolisDec 11, 18166,732,21936,42094,32635,82692,7895931,5379
15IowaIADes MoinesDes MoinesDec 28, 18463,155,07056,273145,74655,857144,6694161,0774
16KansasKSTopekaWichitaJan 29, 18612,913,31482,278213,10081,759211,7545201,3464
17KentuckyKYFrankfortLouisvilleJun 1, 17924,467,67340,408104,65639,486102,2699212,3876
18LouisianaLABaton RougeNew OrleansApr 30, 18124,648,79452,378135,65943,204111,8989,17423,7616
19MaineMEAugustaPortlandMar 15, 18201,344,21235,38091,63330,84379,8834,53711,7502
20MarylandMDAnnapolisBaltimoreApr 28, 17886,045,68012,40632,1319,70725,1422,6996,9908
21MassachusettsMABostonBostonFeb 6, 17886,892,50310,55427,3367,80020,2022,7547,1349
22MichiganMILansingDetroitJan 26, 18379,986,85796,714250,48756,539146,43540,175104,05214
23MinnesotaMNSt. PaulMinneapolisMay 11, 18585,639,63286,936225,16379,627206,2327,30918,9308
24MississippiMSJacksonJacksonDec 10, 18172,976,14948,432125,43846,923121,5311,5083,9074
25MissouriMOJefferson CityKansas CityAug 10, 18216,137,42869,707180,54068,742178,0409652,5018
26MontanaMTHelenaBillingsNov 8, 18891,068,778147,040380,831145,546376,9621,4943,8691
27NebraskaNELincolnOmahaMar 1, 18671,934,40877,348200,33076,824198,9745241,3563
28NevadaNVCarson CityLas VegasOct 31, 18643,080,156110,572286,380109,781284,3327912,0484
29New HampshireNHConcordManchesterJun 21, 17881,359,7119,34924,2148,95323,1873971,0272
30New JerseyNJTrentonNewarkDec 18, 17878,882,1908,72322,5917,35419,0471,3683,54412
31New MexicoNMSanta FeAlbuquerqueJan 6, 19122,096,829121,590314,917121,298314,1612927573
32New YorkNYAlbanyNew YorkJul 26, 178819,453,56154,555141,29747,126122,0577,42919,24027
33North CarolinaNCRaleighCharlotteNov 21, 178910,488,08453,819139,39148,618125,9205,20113,47113
34North DakotaNDBismarckFargoNov 2, 1889762,06270,698183,10869,001178,7111,6984,3971
35OhioOHColumbusColumbusMar 1, 180311,689,10044,826116,09840,861105,8293,96510,26916
36OklahomaOKOklahoma CityOklahoma CityNov 16, 19073,956,97169,899181,03768,595177,6601,3043,3775
37OregonORSalemPortlandFeb 14, 18594,217,73798,379254,79995,988248,6082,3916,1915
38PennsylvaniaPAHarrisburgPhiladelphiaDec 12, 178712,801,98946,054119,28044,743115,8831,3123,39718
39Rhode IslandRIProvidenceProvidenceMay 29, 17901,059,3611,5454,0011,0342,6785111,3242
40South CarolinaSCColumbiaCharlestonMay 23, 17885,148,71432,02082,93330,06177,8571,9605,0767
41South DakotaSDPierreSioux FallsNov 2, 1889884,65977,116199,72975,811196,3501,3053,3791
42TennesseeTNNashvilleNashvilleJun 1, 17966,829,17442,144109,15341,235106,7989092,3559
43TexasTXAustinHoustonDec 29, 184528,995,881268,596695,662261,232676,5877,36519,07536
44UtahUTSalt Lake CitySalt Lake CityJan 4, 18963,205,95884,897219,88282,170212,8182,7277,0644
45VermontVTMontpelierBurlingtonMar 4, 1791623,9899,61624,9069,21723,8714001,0351
46VirginiaVARichmondVirginia BeachJun 25, 17888,535,51942,775110,78739,490102,2793,2858,50811
47WashingtonWAOlympiaSeattleNov 11, 18897,614,89371,298184,66166,456172,1194,84212,54210
48West VirginiaWVCharlestonCharlestonJun 20, 18631,792,14724,23062,75624,03862,2591924973
49WisconsinWIMadisonMilwaukeeMay 29, 18485,822,43465,496169,63554,158140,26811,33929,3678
50WyomingWYCheyenneCheyenneJul 10, 1890578,75997,813253,33597,093251,4707201,8641

Federal District

Federal DistrictAbr.EstablishedPopulation (2019 est.)Total Area (mi²)Total Area (km²)Land Area (mi²)Land Area (km²)Water Area (mi²)Water Area (km²)Number of Reps.
District of ColumbiaDCJul 16, 1790705,74968176611587181

The Federal District of the United States is a unique political subdivision that serves as the capital of the country. It is located in the eastern part of the United States, bordered by Maryland to the north, east, and south, and Virginia to the west. The district covers an area of 68.3 square miles (177 square kilometers) and has a population of over 700,000 people.

Territories of United States of America

Inhabited Territories of the United States

S.N.Inhabited territoriesAbr.CapitalAcquiredTerritorial StatusPopulation (2015 est.)Total Area (mi²)Total Area (km²)Land Area (mi²)Land Area (km²)Water Area (mi²)Water Area (km²)Number of Reps.
1American SamoaASPago Pago1900Unincorporated, unorganized57,4005811,505761985051,3071
2GuamGUHagåtña1899Unincorporated, organized161,7005711,4782105433619351
3Northern Mariana IslandsMPSaipan1986Unincorporated, organized52,3001,9765,1171824721,7934,6441
4Puerto RicoPRSan Juan1899Unincorporated, organized3,193,6945,32513,7913,4248,8681,9014,9241
5U.S. Virgin IslandsVICharlotte Amalie1917Unincorporated, organized103,7007331,8981343485991,5501

Uninhabited Territories

Territories of the United States of America with no indigenous population
S.N.NameAcquiredTerritorial StatusLand Area (mi²)Land Area (km²)
1Baker Island1856Unincorporated; unorganized0.92.2
2Howland Island1858Unincorporated, unorganized0.61.6
3Jarvis Island1856Unincorporated, unorganized2.25.7
4Johnston Atoll1859Unincorporated, unorganized12.6
5Kingman Reef1860Unincorporated, unorganized0.0050.01
6Midway Atoll1867Unincorporated, unorganized37.8
7Navassa Island1858Unincorporated, unorganized37.8
8Palmyra Atoll1898Incorporated, unorganized1.53.9
9Wake Island1899Unincorporated, unorganized2.56.5

Disputed Territories

Territories claimed but not administered by the United States of America
S.N.NameClaimedTerritorial StatusTotal Area (mi²)Total Area (km²)Administered byAlso claimed by
1Bajo Nuevo Bank (Petrel Island)1869Unincorporated, unorganized (disputed sovereignty)56145ColombiaJamaica, Nicaragua
2Serranilla Bank1880Unincorporated, unorganized (disputed sovereignty)4631,200ColombiaHonduras, Nicaragua
S.N.TotalTotal Area (sq mi)Total area (km²)Census population, April 1, 2010
1Contiguous United States3,120,426.478,081,867308,156,338
250 states and District of Columbia3,796,742.239,833,517308,758,105
3All U.S. territory3,805,943.269,857,348312,913,872

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