US Road Map

Explore USA road map, The United States boasts an extensive network of roads, connecting cities, towns, and rural areas across the country. This includes vast interstate highways that facilitate long-distance travel and local roads that weave through communities. The interstates, marked by their iconic blue and red shields, are the backbone of cross-country travel, making it possible to drive from coast to coast. Meanwhile, scenic byways offer more leisurely routes that showcase the natural beauty and cultural heritage of the U.S. Whether it's bustling city streets or quiet country lanes, the roads in the United States play a crucial role in the nation's transportation system, supporting commerce, tourism, and daily life.

US Road Map

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About US Road Map

This road map of USA is showing US interstate highways, state highways with major cities and U.S. states.

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Roads and Highways in the United States

The United States is crisscrossed by a vast and complex network of roads and highways, connecting every corner of the country. This network includes everything from small local roads to massive interstate highways that span thousands of miles. The interstate system, designed for high-speed travel and efficiency, links major cities and regions, making it easier for people to commute, travel, and transport goods across states. Notable highways such as Route 66 and the Pacific Coast Highway have become iconic symbols of American culture and adventure, offering scenic routes that showcase the country's diverse landscapes.

In addition to facilitating everyday travel and commerce, these roads and highways also provide access to the nation's natural wonders, historic sites, and recreational areas. Maintenance and management of this extensive network involve federal, state, and local governments, ensuring safety and accessibility for millions of drivers. Whether it's a daily commute in an urban area or a cross-country road trip, the roads and highways in the United States play a vital role in connecting communities and fueling the American way of life.

United States Numbered Highway System

The United States Numbered Highway System is a network of roads that stretches across the country, serving as vital arteries for travel and commerce. Established in 1926, this system includes many roads commonly referred to by their numbers, such as Route 66, which have become ingrained in American culture and history. Unlike the Interstate Highway System designed for high-speed travel, the U.S. Numbered Highways include both controlled-access highways and regular roads, offering a mix of travel experiences.

These highways are marked with distinctive white shields featuring black numbers, making them easy to identify. The numbering system is fairly straightforward: odd-numbered routes run north to south, with numbers increasing from east to west, while even-numbered routes run east to west, with numbers increasing from north to south. This organized approach helps travelers navigate the vast distances of the United States, from bustling city centers to serene rural landscapes. Whether for cross-country adventures or daily commutes, the U.S. Numbered Highway System remains a crucial element of the nation's transportation infrastructure.

National Highway System in the United States

The National Highway System (NHS) in the United States is a network of roads vital for the country's economy, defense, and mobility. Established in 1995, the NHS includes approximately 160,000 miles of roadway important to the nation's transportation needs. This system is not limited to, but includes, interstate highways, key roads, and bridges that support travel and transport across the country.

The NHS is designed to connect major cities, ports, airports, and other transport hubs efficiently, facilitating the smooth movement of people and goods. It plays a critical role in ensuring that America's road transport is safe, reliable, and accessible. Maintenance and development of the NHS are priorities for federal and state governments, reflecting the system's importance in supporting economic growth and connectivity.

By providing essential links between major parts of the transportation network, the National Highway System helps in reducing travel times and improving the overall efficiency of road transport. Whether it's a daily commute, a cross-country road trip, or the transport of cargo, the NHS is key to making these journeys possible.

Interstate Highway System in the United States

The Interstate Highway System is a crucial network of highways that spans across the United States, making it one of the largest highway systems in the world. Introduced in 1956, the system was designed to connect major cities across the country, facilitating fast and efficient travel for both people and goods. Covering nearly 48,000 miles, these highways are identified by one or two-digit numbers. North-south routes are odd-numbered, while east-west routes are even-numbered.

Interstate highways have become the backbone of U.S. transportation, supporting the economy, enhancing mobility, and contributing to the nation's defense. These roads are known for their high standards of construction, including multiple lanes, limited access points, and absence of traffic signals, which allow for smoother and safer travel at higher speeds.

Traveling on the interstate can take you through bustling cityscapes, scenic landscapes, and everything in between. It connects diverse parts of the country, from the dense forests of the Pacific Northwest to the sun-soaked beaches of Florida. Whether it's for a long-distance road trip or daily commute, the Interstate Highway System plays a vital role in American life, weaving together the vast and varied tapestry of the United States.

List of Interstate Highways in U.S.

NumberFormedLength in miLength in kmNorthern / Eastern TerminusSouthern / Western Terminus
I-2201346.8075.32I-69E/US 77/US 83 in Harlingen, TexasBL US 83 in Peñitas, Texas
I-41959132.30212.92I-95/SR 400 in Daytona Beach, FloridaI-275 in Tampa, Florida
I-519561,381.292,222.97Hwy 99 at Canadian border in Blaine, WashingtonFed. 1/Fed. 1D at Mexican border in San Ysidro, California
I-81964348.25560.45I-10 in Casa Grande, ArizonaSunset Cliffs Boulevard/Nimitz Boulevard in San Diego, California
I-1019572,460.343,959.53I-95/US 17/SR 15/SR 228 in Jacksonville, FloridaSR 1 in Santa Monica, California
I-11201722.6036.37I-215/I-515/US 93/US 95/SR 564 in Henderson, NevadaUS 93 at Arizona state line near Boulder City, Nevada
I-12196785.59137.74I-10/I-59 in Slidell, LouisianaI-10 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
I-14201725.1040.39I-35/US 190 in Belton, TexasUS 190/US 190 Bus in Copperas Cove, Texas
I-1519571,433.522,307.03Highway 4 at Canadian border in Sweetgrass, MontanaI-8/SR 15 in San Diego, California
I-161966166.81268.45Montgomery Street in Savannah, GeorgiaI-75/SR 540 in Macon, Georgia
I-171961145.76234.58I-40/SR 89A in Flagstaff, ArizonaI-10/US 60 in Phoenix, Arizona
I-19197263.35101.95I-10 in Tucson, ArizonaI-19 Bus. in Nogales, Arizona
I-2019571,539.382,477.39I-95/I-20 Bus. in Florence, South CarolinaI-10 at Scroggins Draw, Texas
I-222012202.22325.44I-65 in Birmingham, AlabamaI-269/US 78/MS 304 near Byhalia, Mississippi
I-241962316.36509.13I-75 in Chattanooga, TennesseeI-57 in Pulley's Mill, Illinois
I-2519571,061.671,708.59I-90/US 87 in Buffalo, WyomingI-10/US 85/US 180 in Las Cruces, New Mexico
I-261960304.64490.27US 17 in Charleston, South CarolinaUS 11W/US 23/SR 137 in Kingsport, Tennessee
I-271969124.13199.77I-40/US 87/US 287/US 60 in Amarillo, TexasUS 87/Loop 289 in Lubbock, Texas
I-291958755.511,215.88US 81 and PTH 75 at Canadian border in Pembina, North DakotaI-35/I-70/US 24/US 40/US 71 in Kansas City, Missouri
I-301957366.76590.24I-40/US 65/US 67/US 167 in North Little Rock, ArkansasI-20 in Fort Worth, Texas
I-311957--US 81 and PTH 75 at Canadian border in Pembina, North DakotaI-94 in Fargo, North Dakota
I-3519561,568.382,524.06MN 61/LSCT/26th Avenue in Duluth, MinnesotaUS 83/Victoria Street in Laredo, Texas
I-371959143.00230.14I-35/US 281 in San Antonio, TexasUS 181 in Corpus Christi, Texas
I-391984306.14492.68WIS 29/US 51 in Wausau, WisconsinI-55 in Normal, Illinois
I-4019642,556.614,114.46US 117/NC 132 in Wilmington, North CarolinaI-15 in Barstow, California
I-412015175.00281.64I-43/US 41/US 141 in Howard, WisconsinI-94/US 41 in Russell, Illinois
I-42proposed142.00228.53US 70 in Morehead City, North CarolinaI-40/US 70 in Garner, North Carolina
I-431981191.55308.27I-41/US 41/US 141 in Howard, WisconsinI-39/I-90 in Beloit, Wisconsin
I-441958636.691,024.65I-70 in St. Louis, MissouriUS 82/US 277/US 281/US 287 in Wichita Falls, Texas
I-451971284.91458.52I-30/US 67/US 75 in Dallas, TexasSH 87 in Galveston, Texas
I-491984528.02849.77I-435/I-470/US 50/US 71 in Kansas City, MissouriI-10/US 167/LA 182 in Lafayette, Louisiana
I-551960964.251,551.81US 41 in Chicago, IllinoisI-10 in LaPlace, Louisiana
I-571965386.12621.40I-94 in Chicago, IllinoisI-55 in Miner, Missouri
I-591960445.23716.53I-24 in Wildwood, GeorgiaI-10/I-12 in Slidell, Louisiana
I-641961963.521,550.64I-264/I-664 in Chesapeake, VirginiaI-70/US 61 in Wentzville, Missouri
I-651958887.301,427.97US 12/US 20 in Gary, IndianaI-10 in Mobile, Alabama
I-661991--Near Pikeville, KentuckyWitchita, Kansas
I-66196176.28122.76US 29 in Washington, D.C.I-81 in Front Royal, Virginia
I-681991113.15182.10I-70 in Hancock, MarylandI-79 in Morgantown, West Virginia
I-691957879.821,415.93Hwy 402 at Canadian border in Port Huron, MichiganUS 59 in Rosenberg, Texas
I-7019562,172.163,495.75I-695 in Woodlawn, MarylandI-15 in Cove Fort, Utah
I-711959345.57556.14I-90 in Cleveland, OhioI-64 in Louisville, Kentucky
I-721970179.29288.54Church Street and University Avenue in Champaign, IllinoisUS 61 in Hannibal, Missouri
I-73199799.43160.02I‑74 and US 220 in Randleman, North CarolinaUS 220 near Stokesdale, North Carolina
I-741974491.74791.38US 74/NC 41 near Lumberton, North CarolinaI-80 in Bettendorf, Iowa
I-7519581,786.472,875.04Canadian border at Sault Ste. Marie, MichiganSR 826/SR 916/SR 924 in Miami Lakes, Florida
I-761975186.48300.11I-80 at Big Springs, NebraskaI-70 at Denver, Colorado
I-761964435.66701.13I-295 at Bellmawr, New JerseyI-71 in Westfield Center, Ohio
I-771958610.10981.86I-90 in Cleveland, OhioI-26 in Columbia, South Carolina
I-781957146.28235.41Canal Street in New York CityI-81 at Jonestown, Pennsylvania
I-791967343.46552.75PA 5 in Erie, PennsylvaniaI-77 in Charleston, West Virginia
I-8019562,899.594,666.44I-95 in Teaneck, New JerseyUS 101 in San Francisco, California
I-811961855.021,376.02Hwy 137 at Canadian border on Wellesley Island, New YorkI-40 in Dandridge, Tennessee
I-821957143.58231.07I-84 in Hermiston, OregonI-90 in Ellensburg, Washington
I-821957--I-95 in Teaneck, New JerseyI-81/I-84/US 6 in Scranton, Pennsylvania
I-821956--Providence, Rhode IslandI-84 in East Hartford, Connecticut
I-83195985.03136.84I-81 in Harrisburg, PennsylvaniaPresident Street and Fayette Street in Baltimore, Maryland
I-841980769.621,238.58I-80 in Echo, UtahI-5 in Portland, Oregon
I-841963232.71374.51I-90 in Sturbridge, MassachusettsI-81 in Scranton, Pennsylvania
I-851958666.051,071.90I-95 in Petersburg, VirginiaI-65 in Montgomery, Alabama
I-86198062.85101.15I-15 in Chubbuck, IdahoI-84 near Declo, Idaho
I-861999223.39359.51NY 17/NY 79 in Windsor, New YorkI-90 near North East, Pennsylvania
I-86196838.9762.72I-90 in Sturbridge, MassachusettsI-84 in East Hartford, Connecticut
I-87201712.9020.76US 64/US 264 in Wendell, North CarolinaI-440/US 64/US 264 in Raleigh, North Carolina
I-871957333.49536.70A-15 at Canadian border in Champlain, New YorkI-278 in New York City
I-881987140.60226.27I-290/IL 110 in Hillside, IllinoisI-80/IL 92 in East Moline, Illinois
I-881968117.75189.50I-90 in Schenectady, New YorkI-81 in Binghamton, New York
I-891960191.12307.58Route 133/Future A-35 at Canadian border in Highgate, VermontI-93/SR 3A in Bow, New Hampshire
I-9019563,020.444,860.93MA 1A in Boston, MassachusettsSR 519/4th Avenue/Edgar Martinez Drive in Seattle, Washington
I-911958290.37467.31A-55 at Canadian border in Derby Line, VermontI-95/Route 34 in New Haven, Connecticut
I-931957189.95305.69I-91 in St. Johnsbury, VermontI-95/US 1 in Canton, Massachusetts
I-9419561,585.202,551.13Highway 402 at Canadian border in Port Huron, MichiganI-90 in Lockwood, Montana
I-9519571,919.313,088.83NB 95 at Canadian border in Houlton, MaineUS 1 in Miami, Florida
I-961959192.06309.09I-75 in Detroit, MichiganUS 31 in Norton Shores, Michigan
I-97198717.6228.36I-695/I-895 in Glen Burnie, MarylandUS 50 in Annapolis, Maryland
I-99199898.34158.26I-86/NY 17 in Painted Post, New YorkI-70/I-76 in Bedford, Pennsylvania

Interstate Hiways in Hawaii

NumberLength (mi)Length (km)FormedNorthern or eastern terminusSouthern or western terminusRemoved
H-127441960Route 72 in HonoluluRoute 93 in Kapoleicurrent
H-28131960Route 99 in WahiawaH-1 in Pearl Citycurrent
H-315251997Marine Corps Base HawaiiH-1/H-201 in Halawacurrent

Interstate Hiways in Alaska

NumberLength (mi)Length (km)FormedNorthern or eastern terminusSouthern or western terminusRemoved
A-14086571976Canadian border in Alcan BorderAnchoragecurrent
A-43245211976FairbanksGateway, near Palmercurrent

Interstate Hiways in Puerto Rico

NumberLength (mi)Length (km)FormedNorthern or eastern terminusSouthern or western terminusRemoved
PR-171114.391976PR-2 in San JuanPR-2 in Poncecurrent
PR-2138222.31976PR-3 in San JuanPR-1 in Poncecurrent
PR-34165.271976PR-2 in San JuanPR-3 in Humacaocurrent

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