Florida Railroad Map

Explore the map of Florida railrods, Florida state is in the southeastern part of the USA, with a long coastline. Railroads in Florida connect key cities like Miami, Orlando, and Jacksonville. They run through flat landscapes, swamps, and near beaches. These trains help move people and goods across the state and to other parts of the country. Florida's warm weather and tourist spots also make its railroads popular for travel. By linking different places, Florida's railroads are important for its economy and daily life.

Florida Railroad Map

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About Florida Railroad Map

Explore the map of Florida railways network showing all rairoads, state boundary, state capital, and major cities.

About Florida Railroads

Florida's railroad system plays a crucial role in the state's transportation network, offering both freight and passenger services that connect communities and facilitate commerce throughout the Sunshine State. This guide provides an overview of the railroad infrastructure in Florida, highlighting the key players, routes, and services that make up this vital transportation mode.

History of Florida Railroads

The story of railroads in Florida dates back to the 1830s, marking the beginning of an era that would significantly shape the state's development. Initially built to support the agricultural industry, Florida's railroads expanded over the years, playing a pivotal role in the growth of tourism and the movement of goods across the state and beyond.

Major Railroad Companies in Florida

Several key players operate within Florida's railroad sector, each contributing to the state's transportation landscape:

CSX Transportation

With its headquarters in Jacksonville, CSX is a leading freight transportation company that manages a major portion of the rail lines in Florida, offering extensive freight services across the state.

Norfolk Southern Railway

Another significant freight rail company, Norfolk Southern, operates in the northern part of the state, providing critical links to the national rail network.

Florida East Coast Railway (FEC):

Specializing in freight services along the east coast of Florida, FEC plays a vital role in connecting ports and facilitating international trade.

Passenger Rail Services

Florida also offers several passenger rail services, catering to both local commuters and tourists:


As the only privately-owned passenger railroad in the United States, Brightline offers high-speed intercity services connecting major cities like Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach, with plans to expand to Orlando.


Providing long-distance passenger services, Amtrak connects Florida to the rest of the United States through routes like the Auto Train, Silver Star, and Silver Meteor, linking cities such as Orlando, Tampa, and Miami with other major US destinations.


Serving the Greater Orlando area, SunRail is a commuter rail system that offers an alternative to road traffic for daily commuters, linking suburban communities with downtown Orlando.

Economic and Environmental Impact

Railroads in Florida significantly contribute to the state's economy by supporting industries like tourism, agriculture, and international trade. They offer a more environmentally friendly alternative to road transportation, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and road congestion.

Future Developments

The future of Florida's railroads looks promising, with ongoing projects aimed at expanding services, improving infrastructure, and enhancing safety. Initiatives like the extension of Brightline to Orlando and the potential introduction of more commuter rail services in other parts of the state signal a commitment to further developing Florida's rail network.

Florida's railroads are a vital part of the state's transportation ecosystem, providing essential services for both freight and passenger movements. With a rich history and a future geared towards expansion and improvement, the railroads continue to support Florida's growth and connectivity. As the state moves forward, the rail industry will undoubtedly play a key role in its transportation strategy, fostering economic development and offering sustainable alternatives to road travel.

List of Current Railroads of Florida

Common Freight Carriers

Alabama and Gulf Coast Railway (AGR)
AN Railway (AN)
Bay Line Railroad (BAYL)
CSX Transportation (CSXT)
First Coast Railroad (FCRD)
Florida Central Railroad (FCEN)
Florida East Coast Railway (FEC)
Florida Gulf & Atlantic Railroad (FGA)
Florida Midland Railroad (FMID)
Florida Northern Railroad (FNOR)
Georgia and Florida Railway (GFRR)
Jacksonville Port Terminal Railroad (JXPT)
Norfolk Southern Railway (NS) through subsidiary Georgia Southern and Florida Railway (GSF)
Seminole Gulf Railway (SGLR)
South Central Florida Express, Inc. (SCXF)

Private Freight Carriers

CF Industries (CFIZ)
Conrad Yelvington Distributors, Inc. (CNYX)
The Mosaic Company (IMCX)
Orlando Utilities Commission (OUCX)
Perdue Farms (PFMX)
Port Manatee Railroad (MAUP)
Port of Palm Beach District (PPBD)
Port of Panama City (PPC)
United States Sugar Corporation (USCX)

Passenger Carriers

Amtrak (AMTK)
Brightline (BLFX)
Florida Railroad Museum (FGCX)
Gold Coast Railroad Museum (GCOX)
Jacksonville Skyway
Miami Metromover and Miami Metrorail
Orlando & Northwestern Railway (ONWX)
Seminole Gulf Railway (SGLR)
Serengeti Express (located in Busch Gardens Tampa)
SunRail (SRCX)
Tradewinds & Atlantic Railroad
TECO Line Streetcar
Tri-Rail (TRCX)
Walt Disney World Monorail and Walt Disney World Railroad

Private Carriers

Clay Springs and Apopka Railroad
Ellaville, West Lake and Jennings Railroad
Florida and Georgia Railway
Peace River Phosphate Company
Pensacola and Andalusia Railroad
Starke and New River Railroad
Union Cypress Company
Winston Lumber Company

Never Built

Choctawhatchee and Northern Railroad

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