US Rivers Map

US Rivers Map

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About US Rivers Map

Explore United States map with all rivers and lakes, this map is free to download for educational purpse only.

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List of Longest Rivers of U.S. by Main Stem

#NameMouthLength (mi)Length (km)Watershed area (mi2)Watershed area (km2)Discharge (ft3/s)Discharge (m3/s)States, provinces
1Missouri RiverMississippi River2,3413,768529,3531,371,01769,1001,956Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri
2Mississippi RiverGulf of Mexico2,2023,5441,260,0003,270,000650,00018,400Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana
3Yukon RiverBering Sea1,9793,185324,000839,200224,0006,340British Columbia, Yukon Territory, Alaska
4Rio GrandeGulf of Mexico1,7592,830340,000870,0001,30037Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo León, Tamaulipas
5Colorado RiverGulf of California1,4502,330248,000642,0001,40040Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, California, Sonora, Baja California
6Arkansas RiverMississippi River1,4432,322160,200414,91035,5001,004Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas
7Columbia RiverPacific Ocean1,2432,000279,548724,024273,0007,730British Columbia, Washington, Oregon
8Red RiverAtchafalaya and Mississippi rivers1,1251,81165,590169,89030,100852Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana
9Snake RiverColumbia River1,0401,674108,000281,00055,3001,565Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon, Washington
10Ohio RiverMississippi River9791,575204,000529,000308,4008,733Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky
11Colorado River of TexasGulf of Mexico9701,56039,900103,3412,60075Texas
12Tennessee RiverOhio River9351,50440,880105,87071,0002,000Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky
13Canadian RiverArkansas River9061,45847,130122,0706,100174Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma
14Brazos RiverGulf of Mexico8601,39044,620115,5668,800249Texass
15Green RiverColorado River7601,23044,900116,2006,100172Wyoming, Colorado, Utah
16Pecos RiverRio Grande7301,17544,000113,960712New Mexico, Texas
17White River (Arkansas)Mississippi River7201,15927,87272,18934,600979Arkansas, Missouri
18James RiverMissouri River7101,14020,94254,24085424.2North Dakota, South Dakota
19Kuskokwim RiverBering Sea7021,13048,000124,31967,0001,900Alaska
20Cimarron RiverArkansas River6981,12319,51050,5401,50042Oklahoma, Colorado, Kansas
21Cumberland RiverOhio River6961,12017,93046,43030,400862Kentucky, Tennessee
22Yellowstone RiverMissouri River6781,09170,400182,33612,800362Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota
23North Platte RiverPlatte River6651,07034,88590,35277021.9Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska
24Milk RiverMissouri River6251,00522,33257,83967018.9Alberta, Montana
25Ouachita RiverBlack River60597424,88664,45429,800843Arkansas, Louisiana
26Saint Lawrence RiverGulf of Saint Lawrence600965620,0001,600,000440,00012,600New York, Ontario, Quebec
27Gila RiverColorado River60096057,850149,8322106New Mexico, Arizona
28Sheyenne RiverRed River of the North5919518,80023,0002888.2North Dakota
29Tanana RiverYukon River58494044,000114,00041,8001,185Alaska
30Smoky Hill RiverKansas River57692719,26049,9001,54243.7Colorado, Kansas
31Niobrara RiverMissouri River56891412,60032,6001,70049Wyoming, Nebraska
32Little Missouri RiverMissouri River5609008,31021,50045013Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota
33Sabine RiverGulf of Mexico5538909,75625,2688,400238Texas, Louisiana
34Red River of the NorthLake Winnipeg550890111,000287,5008,300236North Dakota, Minnesota, Manitoba
35Des Moines RiverMississippi River52584512,01831,1276,400182Minnesota, Missouri, Iowa
36White River (Missouri River)Missouri River50681510,20026,41857016Nebraska, South Dakota
37Trinity RiverGalveston Bay50681517,97046,5407,800222Texas
38Wabash RiverOhio River50381032,95085,3401,00128Ohio, Indiana, Illinois

List of the United States Rivers by Discharge

S.N.RiverLength (km)Length (miles)Average discharge (cfs)Outflow
1Mississippi River3,7302,320593,000Gulf of Mexico
2Ohio River1,575979281,500Mississippi River
3Saint Lawrence River965600348,000Gulf of Saint Lawrence
4Columbia River2,0001,243273,000Pacific Ocean
5Yukon River3,1851,980227,000Bering Sea
6Atchafalaya River220137225,000Gulf of Mexico
7Niagara River5836204,700Lake Ontario
8Detroit River5132188,000Lake Erie
9St. Clair River6339183,000Lake St. Clair
10Missouri River3,7672,34186,300Mississippi River
11St. Marys River1207575,000Lake Huron-Lake Michigan
12Tennessee River1,04965268,000Ohio River
13Mobile River724567,000Gulf of Mexico
14Kuskokwim River1,13070267,000Bering Sea
15Red River2,1901,36058,000Atchafalaya River
16Copper River47029057,400Gulf of Alaska
17Snake River1,6741,04055,000Columbia River
18Stikine River61037956,000Pacific Ocean
19Susitna River50431351,000Gulf of Alaska
20Arkansas River2,3221,44344,500Mississippi River
21Tanana River94058441,800Yukon River
22Susquehanna River74746438,200Chesapeake Bay
23Willamette River30118737,400Columbia River
24Wabash River81050334,500Ohio River
25Alabama River51231832,500Mobile River
26Nushagak River45028032,000Bering Sea
27Alsek River38624031,000Gulf of Alaska
28Cumberland River1,12069630,000Ohio River
29Black River-Ouachita River97460529,800Red River
30White River1,15972029,500Mississippi River
31Pend Oreille River21013027,000Columbia River
32Tombigbee River32020026,300Mobile River
33Koyukuk River68442525,000Yukon River
34Illinois River43927324,000Mississippi River
35Sacramento River71944723,500Pacific Ocean
36Porcupine River91656923,000Yukon River
37Colorado River2,3301,45022,000Gulf of California
38Clark Fork River50031021,900Pend Oreille River
39Hudson River50731521,900Atlantic Ocean
40Yentna River1217521,000Susitna River
41Chitina River18011220,000Copper River
42Allegheny River52332019,900Ohio River
43Apalachicola River805019,602Gulf of Mexico
44Kvichak River805017,900Bering Sea
45Connecticut River65540718,400Atlantic Ocean
46Delaware River48430117,900Delaware Bay
47Klamath River42326317,300Pacific Ocean
48Santee River23014317,000Atlantic Ocean
49Skagit River24015016,500Pacific Ocean
50Kootenai (Kootenay) River78148527,600Columbia River
51Coosa River45028016,000Alabama River
52Kanawha River1569716,000Ohio River
53Clearwater River1207515,300Snake River
54Kobuk River45128015,300Bering Sea
55St. Johns River50031015,000Atlantic Ocean
56Pee Dee River37323215,000Atlantic Ocean

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