Queensland LGA Map

Explore LGA Map of Queensland, Local Government Areas (LGAs) in Queensland, Australia, are specific regions managed by local councils. These areas handle local issues and needs, like parks, libraries, and local road maintenance. Queensland has many LGAs, each with its own council. These councils are important because they are closest to the community and understand local needs. People in these areas vote for their council members, who then work on improving their LGA. Learning about your local LGA can help you know more about the services and support available in your community.

Queensland LGA Map

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About Queensland LGA Map

Explore Queensland Local Government Areas Map to locate all the LGAs of state of Queensland of Australia.

Local Government Areas in Queensland

Queensland, Australia's Sunshine State, is a vast and diverse region that is managed through a network of Local Government Areas (LGAs). These LGAs play a crucial role in providing local services, facilities, and infrastructure to communities across Queensland, from the bustling urban centers along the coast to the remote outback towns. This page offers a comprehensive overview of Queensland's LGAs, highlighting their importance in the state's governance and community life.

Overview of Queensland's LGAs

Queensland is divided into more than 70 LGAs, each governed by a local council. These LGAs vary significantly in size, population, and characteristics, reflecting the state's geographical and demographic diversity. They include:

City Councils

Covering urban areas and major cities like Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Townsville, where they manage dense populations and provide a wide range of services and infrastructure.

Regional Councils

Encompassing areas with a mix of urban and rural communities, such as the Sunshine Coast and Cairns, focusing on services that support both townships and surrounding agricultural or natural areas.

Shire Councils

Predominantly covering rural and remote areas, like the Shire of Barcoo, these councils provide services tailored to the needs of dispersed populations and large land areas with a focus on agriculture, conservation, and rural development.

Responsibilities of LGAs

Local Government Areas in Queensland are responsible for a variety of services that directly impact the daily lives of residents, including but not limited to:

Community Services

Health and safety, waste management, and recreational facilities.


Maintenance and development of local roads, bridges, water supply, and sewage systems.

Planning and Development

Land use planning, development approvals, and building inspections to ensure sustainable growth and compliance with regulations.

Environmental Management

Conservation initiatives, wildlife protection, and management of parks and public lands.

Cultural Services

Libraries, art galleries, community events, and heritage preservation.

Governance and Funding

Each LGA in Queensland is governed by a council elected by residents of the area. These councils are led by a mayor and councilors who represent different parts of the LGA. The funding for LGAs comes from a combination of rates paid by property owners, grants from the state and federal governments, and fees for services and permits.

Challenges and Opportunities

Queensland's LGAs face various challenges, including managing growth in urban areas, providing services in remote regions, and responding to environmental issues like climate change and natural disasters. However, these challenges also present opportunities for innovation, community engagement, and sustainable development.

Key LGAs in Queensland

Brisbane City Council

The largest LGA in Australia, Brisbane City Council serves the state's capital and surrounding suburbs, offering a wide range of urban services and facilities.

Gold Coast City Council

Home to famous beaches and tourist attractions, this LGA focuses on managing growth while preserving natural beauty.

Cairns Regional Council

Gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns balances tourism with the protection of its unique environment.

Mount Isa City Council

Representing one of Queensland's remote areas, this LGA focuses on supporting mining industries and remote communities.

Local Government Areas are the backbone of community life in Queensland, ensuring that regardless of where residents live—from the bustling city of Brisbane to the remote outback—they have access to essential services and support. By understanding the role and responsibilities of LGAs, Queenslanders can appreciate the complex tapestry of governance that makes the state not just a place to live, but a community to be part of.

List of Local Government Areas of Queensland

S.N.NameYear of EstablishmentCouncil SeatRegionPopulation (2018)Area (km2)
1City of Brisbane1,924BrisbaneSouth East Queensland1,231,6051,343
2City of Gold Coast1,948Surfers ParadiseSouth East Queensland606,7741,334
3City of Ipswich1,860IpswichSouth East Queensland213,6381,094
4Lockyer Valley Region2,008GattonSouth East Queensland41,0112,269
5Logan City1,978Logan CentralSouth East Queensland326,615958
6City of Moreton Bay2,008CabooltureSouth East Queensland459,5852,042
7Shire of Noosa2,014TewantinSouth East Queensland55,369870
8Redland City1,949ClevelandSouth East Queensland156,863537
9Scenic Rim Region2,008BeaudesertSouth East Queensland42,5834,243
10Somerset Region2,008EskSouth East Queensland25,8875,373
11Sunshine Coast Region2,008NambourSouth East Queensland319,9222,254
12Shire of Banana1,879BiloelaWide Bay-Burnett14,29128,550
13Bundaberg Region2,008BundabergWide Bay-Burnett95,3026,431
14Aboriginal Shire of Cherbourg1,986CherbourgWide Bay-Burnett1,31532
15Fraser Coast Region2,008Hervey BayWide Bay-Burnett105,4637,105
16Gympie Region2,008GympieWide Bay-Burnett51,5866,884
17North Burnett Region2,008GayndahWide Bay-Burnett10,62819,670
18South Burnett Region2,008KingaroyWide Bay-Burnett32,5558,382
19Goondiwindi Region2,008GoondiwindiDarling Downs10,72819,258
20Southern Downs Region2,008WarwickDarling Downs35,6017,108
21Toowoomba Region2,008ToowoombaDarling Downs167,65712,957
22Western Downs Region2,008DalbyDarling Downs34,46737,937
23Central Highlands Region2,008EmeraldCentral Queensland28,64559,835
24Gladstone Region2,008GladstoneCentral Queensland62,97910,484
25Isaac Region2,008MoranbahCentral Queensland20,93458,708
26Shire of Livingstone2,014YeppoonCentral Queensland37,63811,758
27Rockhampton Region2,008RockhamptonCentral Queensland81,0676,570
28Aboriginal Shire of Woorabinda1,986WoorabindaCentral Queensland1,005391
29Shire of Burdekin1,888AyrNorth Queensland17,0775,044
30Charters Towers Region2,008Charters TowersNorth Queensland11,85068,382
31Shire of Hinchinbrook1,879InghamNorth Queensland10,8052,807
32Mackay Region2,008MackayNorth Queensland116,5397,613
33Aboriginal Shire of Palm Island1,986Palm IslandNorth Queensland2,63772
34City of Townsville2,008TownsvilleNorth Queensland194,0723,731
35Whitsunday Region2,008BowenNorth Queensland35,05023,819
36Shire of Aurukun1,978AurukunFar North Queensland1,3827,424
37Cairns Region2,008CairnsFar North Queensland165,5251,689
38Cassowary Coast Region2,008InnisfailFar North Queensland29,6894,688
39Shire of Cook1,919CooktownFar North Queensland4,445105,719
40Shire of Douglas2,014MossmanFar North Queensland12,2572,428
41Aboriginal Shire of Hope Vale1,986Hope ValeFar North Queensland1,0811,112
42Aboriginal Shire of Kowanyama1,987KowanyamaFar North Queensland9772,555
43Aboriginal Shire of Lockhart River1,987Lockhart RiverFar North Queensland7823,576
44Aboriginal Shire of Mapoon2,002MapoonFar North Queensland325537
45Shire of Mareeba2,014MareebaFar North Queensland22,51753,491
46Aboriginal Shire of Napranum1,989NapranumFar North Queensland1,0482,004
47Northern Peninsula Area Region2,008BamagaFar North Queensland3,0691,052
48Aboriginal Shire of Pormpuraaw1,987PormpuraawFar North Queensland8334,395
49Tablelands Region2,008MalandaFar North Queensland25,54111,293
50Shire of Torres1,974Thursday IslandFar North Queensland3,848884
51Torres Strait Island Region2,008Thursday IslandFar North Queensland4,994490
52Weipa Town1,963WeipaFar North Queensland4,24011
53Aboriginal Shire of Wujal Wujal1,987Wujal WujalFar North Queensland30612
54Aboriginal Shire of Yarrabah1,986YarrabahFar North Queensland2,848159
55Shire of Burke1,885BurketownNorth West Queensland35239,684
56Shire of Carpentaria1,883NormantonNorth West Queensland1,97464,121
57Shire of Cloncurry1,884CloncurryNorth West Queensland3,09147,971
58Shire of Croydon1,887CroydonNorth West Queensland28829,498
59Aboriginal Shire of Doomadgee1,987DoomadgeeNorth West Queensland1,5071,828
60Shire of Etheridge1,882GeorgetownNorth West Queensland80439,199
61Shire of Flinders1,882HughendenNorth West Queensland1,49941,200
62Shire of Mckinlay1,891Julia CreekNorth West Queensland81440,737
63Shire of Mornington1,978GununaNorth West Queensland1,2181,248
64City of Mount Isa1,914Mount IsaNorth West Queensland18,87843,713
65Shire of Richmond1,910RichmondNorth West Queensland80626,581
66Barcaldine Region2,008BarcaldineCentral West Queensland2,85253,383
67Shire of Barcoo1,885JundahCentral West Queensland26761,830
68Blackall-Tambo Region2,008BlackallCentral West Queensland1,86330,537
69Shire of Boulia1,887BouliaCentral West Queensland42560,906
70Shire of Diamantina1,879BedourieCentral West Queensland29294,731
71Longreach Region2,008LongreachCentral West Queensland3,53040,572
72Shire of Winton1,886WintonCentral West Queensland1,15753,814
73Shire of Balonne1,883St GeorgeSouth West Queensland4,33431,104
74Shire of Bulloo1,880ThargomindahSouth West Queensland33073,724
75Maranoa Region2,008RomaSouth West Queensland12,79158,705
76Shire of Murweh1,879CharlevilleSouth West Queensland4,31840,700
77Shire of Paroo1,879CunnamullaSouth West Queensland1,58647,613
78Shire of Quilpie1,930QuilpieSouth West Queensland79067,415