South Australia County Map

Explore county map of South Australia, South Australia is divided into counties as a way to manage land and administrative tasks. These counties, used mainly for cadastral (land measurement) purposes, help in organizing and recording land ownership and use. They are an essential part of South Australia's land management system and play a role in local governance and geographical identification. Each county has its unique characteristics and serves as a framework for various administrative functions within the state.

South Australia County Map

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About South Australia County Map

Explore South Australia political map to locate 49 counties in South Australia states of Australia.

Lands Administrative Divisions of South Australia

South Australia, with its rich history and diverse geography, is organized into various lands administrative divisions that play a crucial role in land management, ownership, and governance. These divisions include counties, hundreds, local government areas (LGAs), and outback communities, each serving specific administrative and organizational purposes. This page offers an insight into the structure and significance of these divisions, contributing to the efficient management of South Australia’s vast lands.

Counties and Hundreds

Counties in South Australia are mainly of historical significance, with the state being divided into 49 counties for cadastral purposes. These divisions were used primarily in the 19th and early 20th centuries and are less relevant for administrative purposes today but remain important for land identification and historical records.

Within counties, land is further divided into hundreds, which serve as a base unit for land transactions and property descriptions. Hundreds are used to define areas of land within the counties, aiding in the organization of rural land and property management. Although the practical use of hundreds has diminished over time, they are still used in legal documents and land titles.

Local Government Areas (LGAs)

Local Government Areas are the primary administrative divisions in South Australia that manage local governance and services. LGAs include cities, municipalities, and regions, each governed by a local council. These councils are responsible for a range of community services, including waste management, community development, planning and infrastructure, and recreational facilities. South Australia comprises numerous LGAs, with the City of Adelaide being the state’s capital and central LGA, serving as the heart of administrative and cultural activities.

Outback Communities

Recognizing the unique challenges and needs of South Australia's remote outback regions, specific administrative areas have been established to provide governance and support to these communities. The Outback Communities Authority (OCA) manages and supports these areas, focusing on the provision of essential services, community development, and infrastructure improvements in the outback. This tailored approach ensures that even the most remote parts of the state receive attention and resources tailored to their specific needs.

Aboriginal Lands

South Australia acknowledges the importance of managing and protecting Aboriginal lands. Various Aboriginal lands trusts and councils oversee these areas, working to ensure that the land rights and cultural heritage of Aboriginal communities are respected and preserved. These lands are managed in collaboration with Aboriginal communities, recognizing their traditional ownership and connection to the land.

The lands administrative divisions of South Australia are foundational to the state's land management, governance, and community services. From the historical counties and hundreds to the modern LGAs and specialized management of outback and Aboriginal lands, these divisions ensure that South Australia's diverse landscapes and communities are effectively organized and supported. Understanding these divisions helps residents, businesses, and policymakers navigate the complexities of land ownership, governance, and community development across the state.

Land Division History

The land division history of South Australia is a fascinating journey through time, revealing how the state's landscape was mapped, divided, and administered since European settlement. This history reflects the changing needs, policies, and growth of South Australia, from its early days as a colony to its current status as a vibrant state with a diverse economy and population.

Early Settlement and Land Division

South Australia's European history began in 1836 when it was proclaimed a British colony. Unlike other Australian colonies that used convict labor, South Australia was established as a free settlement. The initial land division strategy was heavily influenced by the systematic colonization theories of Edward Gibbon Wakefield. He advocated for the sale of land at a sufficient price to fund the colony's development and prevent the emergence of a landless class.

The first survey under Colonel William Light, the Surveyor-General, established Adelaide's city layout and the surrounding rural areas into sections and hundreds. This systematic approach aimed to provide orderly development, with land allocated for farming, residences, and townships.

The Hundreds

The division into hundreds was a unique feature of South Australia's land division. Each hundred was intended to support a community, with land for agriculture, a town center, and common areas. This division facilitated local governance and the development of infrastructure, such as roads and schools. Over time, as South Australia expanded, more hundreds were proclaimed, extending the colony's settled areas and opening new land for agriculture and settlement.

Land Acts and Policies

Several Land Acts were passed in the 19th and early 20th centuries to manage the sale and lease of land, reflecting the evolving needs of the colony and, later, the state. These acts aimed to encourage settlement, manage land resources sustainably, and support the state's economic growth. Policies varied, offering land for sale, lease for grazing, or special conditions for settlers, such as the assisted passage for farmers and their families.

Irrigation and Agricultural Areas

A significant development in South Australia's land division history was the establishment of irrigation areas, such as the Riverland. Inspired by the success of irrigation projects in other parts of the world, these areas were developed to support fruit and vegetable growing, transforming previously arid regions into productive agricultural lands. This initiative not only expanded South Australia's agricultural output but also attracted new settlers, contributing to the state's population growth.

Twentieth Century and Beyond

In the 20th century, South Australia's land division policies continued to evolve, reflecting changing priorities such as environmental conservation, urban development, and indigenous land rights. The creation of national parks and conservation areas, urban planning for growing cities and suburbs, and the recognition of Native Title rights are examples of how land division and administration have adapted to the needs of modern South Australia.

The land division history of South Australia is a testament to the state's ability to adapt to changing economic, social, and environmental conditions. From the orderly layout of Adelaide to the productive agricultural regions and the conservation of natural landscapes, the way South Australia's land has been divided and managed is central to its history and development. This history underscores the importance of land in shaping the state's identity, supporting its economy, and providing for its people.

List of Counties in South Australia

S.N.County NameProclaimed inNo. of Hundreds
1County of Adelaide184211
2County of Albert186013
3County of Alfred18698
4County of Blachford18775
5County of Bosanquet19131
6County of Buccleuch189317
7County of Buckingham186911
8County of Burra185113
9County of Buxton189613
10County of Cardwell186412
11County of Carnarvon187412
12County of Chandos189312
13County of Dalhousie187112
14County of Daly186213
15County of Derby18770
16County of Dufferin188911
17County of Eyre184213
18County of Fergusson186916
19County of Flinders184215
20County of Frome185114
21County of Gawler18428
22County of Granville18767
23County of Grey184621
24County of Hamley18692
25County of Hanson18775
26County of Herbert18776
27County of Hindmarsh184211
28County of Hopetoun18929
29County of Hore-Ruthven19330
30County of Jervois187834
31County of Kimberley18716
32County of Kintore18908
33County of Le Hunte190817
34County of Light18429
35County of Lytton18770
36County of MacDonnell185715
37County of Manchester18915
38County of Musgrave187620
39County of Newcastle18769
40County of Robe184618
41County of Robinson188324
42County of Russell18429
43County of Stanley184216
44County of Sturt184210
45County of Taunton18776
46County of Victoria185714
47County of Way188913
48County of York18957
49County of Young18604

List of Hundreds in South Australia

S.N.Proclaimed inHundred NameCounty Name
11853-1870Hundred of the Murray( initially parts of three counties )
21846Hundred of AdelaideAdelaide
31846Hundred of BarossaAdelaide
41846Hundred of KuitpoAdelaide
51846Hundred of Munno ParaAdelaide
61846Hundred of NoarlungaAdelaide
71846Hundred of OnkaparingaAdelaide
81846Hundred of Para WirraAdelaide
91846Hundred of Port AdelaideAdelaide
101846Hundred of TalungaAdelaide
111846Hundred of WillungaAdelaide
121846Hundred of YatalaAdelaide
131893Hundred of BakaraAlbert
141898Hundred of BandonAlbert
151860Hundred of CadellAlbert
161912Hundred of ChessonAlbert
171883Hundred of ForsterAlbert
181893Hundred of HolderAlbert
191893Hundred of MantungAlbert
201912Hundred of MindarieAlbert
211893Hundred of MoorookAlbert
221893Hundred of MurbkoAlbert
231878Hundred of NildottieAlbert
241860Hundred of PaisleyAlbert
251893Hundred of WaikerieAlbert
261860-1870Hundred of CooperAlbert
271860-1870Hundred of RandellAlbert
281860-1870Hundred of GilesAlbert
291860-1870Hundred of MorphettAlbert
301912Hundred of AllenAlfred
311893Hundred of BookpurnongAlfred
321893Hundred of GordonAlfred
331912Hundred of KekwickAlfred
341912Hundred of McGorreryAlfred
351893Hundred of MurthoAlfred
361893Hundred of ParingaAlfred
371893Hundred of PyapAlfred
381881Hundred of BarndiootaBlachford
391888Hundred of CotabenaBlachford
401888Hundred of WarrakimboBlachford
411877Hundred of WonokaBlachford
421880Hundred of WoolyanaBlachford
431913Hundred of PildappaBosanquet
441893Hundred of BowhillBuccleuch
451929Hundred of CarcumaBuccleuch
461895Hundred of ConeybeerBuccleuch
471899Hundred of HooperBuccleuch
481906Hundred of KirkpatrickBuccleuch
491902Hundred of LewisBuccleuch
501902Hundred of LivingstonBuccleuch
511910Hundred of Marmon JabukBuccleuch
521910Hundred of McPhersonBuccleuch
531911Hundred of MolineuxBuccleuch
541906Hundred of PeakeBuccleuch
551906Hundred of PriceBuccleuch
561899Hundred of RobyBuccleuch
571899Hundred of SherlockBuccleuch
581901Hundred of StrawbridgeBuccleuch
591898Hundred of VincentBuccleuch
601910Hundred of WilsonBuccleuch
611906Hundred of ArchibaldBuckingham
621909Hundred of CannawigaraBuckingham
631939Hundred of MakinBuckingham
641939Hundred of McCallumBuckingham
651909Hundred of PendletonBuckingham
661906Hundred of SeniorBuckingham
671939Hundred of ShaughBuckingham
681886Hundred of StirlingBuckingham
691871Hundred of TatiaraBuckingham
701921Hundred of WillalookaBuckingham
711882Hundred of WirregaBuckingham
721909-1918Hundred of PaechBuckingham
731851Hundred of ApoingaBurra
741875Hundred of BaldinaBurra
751875Hundred of BrightBurra
761878Hundred of BundeyBurra
771860Hundred of HallettBurra
781878Hundred of KingBurra
791860Hundred of KingstonBurra
801851Hundred of KooringaBurra
811881Hundred of LindleyBurra
821880Hundred of MaudeBurra
831875Hundred of MongolataBurra
841879Hundred of ReesBurra
851879Hundred of TomkinsonBurra
861880-1918Hundred of SchomburgkBurra
87-Hundred of KoerabkoBurra
881917Hundred of BarnaBuxton
891922Hundred of BucklebooBuxton
901917Hundred of CaralueBuxton
911914Hundred of CortlinyeBuxton
921922Hundred of CunyarieBuxton
931896Hundred of KellyBuxton
941914Hundred of MoseleyBuxton
951925Hundred of O'ConnorBuxton
961928Hundred of PanityaBuxton
971922Hundred of PinkawillinieBuxton
981909Hundred of SolomonBuxton
991924Hundred of WilcherryBuxton
1001917Hundred of YalandaBuxton
1011938Hundred of ColebatchCardwell
1021906Hundred of CoombeCardwell
1031938Hundred of FieldCardwell
1041864Hundred of GlydeCardwell
1051921Hundred of LafferCardwell
1061938Hundred of McNamaraCardwell
1071938Hundred of MessentCardwell
1081864Hundred of NevilleCardwell
1091938Hundred of PetherickCardwell
1101938Hundred of RichardsCardwell
1111864Hundred of SantoCardwell
1121938Hundred of WellsCardwell
1131960Hundred of BordaCarnarvon
1141884Hundred of CassiniCarnarvon
1151874Hundred of DudleyCarnarvon
1161909Hundred of DuncanCarnarvon
1171931Hundred of GosseCarnarvon
1181883Hundred of HainesCarnarvon
1191906Hundred of MacGillivrayCarnarvon
1201910Hundred of McDonaldCarnarvon
1211878Hundred of MenziesCarnarvon
1221909Hundred of NewlandCarnarvon
1231909Hundred of RitchieCarnarvon
1241908Hundred of SeddonCarnarvon
125-Hundred of BaudinCarnarvon
1261907Hundred of AllenbyChandos
1271912Hundred of AuldChandos
1281894Hundred of BewsChandos
1291912Hundred of BilliattChandos
1301894Hundred of CottonChandos
1311929Hundred of DayChandos
1321969Hundred of FiskChandos
1331912Hundred of KingsfordChandos
1341894Hundred of ParillaChandos
1351912Hundred of PeebingaChandos
1361894Hundred of PinnarooChandos
1371969Hundred of QuirkeChandos
1381907-1918Hundred of Von DoussaChandos
139-Hundred of WinikeberickChandos
1401871Hundred of Black Rock PlainDalhousie
1411875Hundred of CoomoorooDalhousie
1421876Hundred of ErskineDalhousie
1431876Hundred of EureliaDalhousie
1441871Hundred of MannanarieDalhousie
1451876Hundred of MorganDalhousie
1461876Hundred of OladdieDalhousie
1471871Hundred of PekinaDalhousie
1481871Hundred of TarcowieDalhousie
1491875Hundred of WallowayDalhousie
1501876Hundred of YalparaDalhousie
1511871Hundred of YongalaDalhousie
1521869Hundred of BarungaDaly
1531869Hundred of CameronDaly
1541862Hundred of ClintonDaly
1551862Hundred of KadinaDaly
1561862Hundred of KulparaDaly
1571874Hundred of MundooraDaly
1581874Hundred of NinnesDaly
1591869Hundred of RedhillDaly
1601874Hundred of TickeraDaly
1611862Hundred of TiparraDaly
1621862Hundred of WallarooDaly
1631874Hundred of WiltungaDaly
1641874Hundred of WokurnaDaly
1651893Hundred of CarawaDufferin
1661893Hundred of HagueDufferin
1671893Hundred of HaslamDufferin
1681916Hundred of KoolgeraDufferin
1691913Hundred of NunnyahDufferin
1701895Hundred of PerlubieDufferin
1711893Hundred of PetinaDufferin
1721922Hundred of PurebaDufferin
1731913Hundred of WallalaDufferin
1741913Hundred of WalpuppieDufferin
1751913Hundred of YantanabieDufferin
1761860Hundred of AnnaEyre
1771860Hundred of BagotEyre
1781883Hundred of BeattyEyre
1791882Hundred of BowerEyre
1801883Hundred of BrownlowEyre
1811858Hundred of DuttonEyre
1821860Hundred of EbaEyre
1831866Hundred of EnglishEyre
1841860Hundred of FisherEyre
1851860Hundred of HayEyre
1861851Hundred of JellicoeEyre
1871866Hundred of NealesEyre
1881860Hundred of SkurrayEyre
1891883-1918Hundred of KrichauffEyre
1901851-1918Hundred of North RhineEyre
191-Hundred of MundaworaEyre
192-Hundred of Wiltowonga NorthEyre
1931878Hundred of CarribieFergusson
1941878Hundred of CoonarieFergusson
1951873Hundred of CunninghamFergusson
1961874Hundred of CurramulkaFergusson
1971872Hundred of DalrympleFergusson
1981872Hundred of KilkerranFergusson
1991874Hundred of KoolywurtieFergusson
2001872Hundred of MaitlandFergusson
2011869Hundred of MelvilleFergusson
2021874Hundred of MinlacowieFergusson
2031869Hundred of MoorowieFergusson
2041874Hundred of MuloowurtieFergusson
2051869Hundred of Para WurlieFergusson
2061872Hundred of RamsayFergusson
2071878Hundred of WarrenbenFergusson
2081874Hundred of WauralteeFergusson
2091903Hundred of CumminsFlinders
2101903Hundred of FlindersFlinders
2111867Hundred of HutchisonFlinders
2121867Hundred of KoppioFlinders
2131871Hundred of Lake WangaryFlinders
2141851Hundred of LincolnFlinders
2151851Hundred of LouthFlinders
2161904Hundred of MortlockFlinders
2171871Hundred of SleafordFlinders
2181878Hundred of StokesFlinders
2191871Hundred of UleyFlinders
2201879Hundred of UlipaFlinders
2211871Hundred of WanillaFlinders
2221869Hundred of WarrowFlinders
2231872Hundred of YaranyackaFlinders
2241871Hundred of AppilaFrome
2251878Hundred of BarootaFrome
2261875Hundred of BoolerooFrome
2271876Hundred of CoonattoFrome
2281891Hundred of DarlingFrome
2291860Hundred of DavenportFrome
2301858Hundred of GregoryFrome
2311876Hundred of PindaFrome
2321874Hundred of TelowieFrome
2331875Hundred of WillochraFrome
2341875Hundred of WillowieFrome
2351878Hundred of WinninowieFrome
2361851Hundred of WongyarraFrome
2371875Hundred of WoolundungaFrome
2381856Hundred of AlmaGawler
2391856Hundred of BalaklavaGawler
2401856Hundred of DalkeyGawler
2411856Hundred of DublinGawler
2421856Hundred of GraceGawler
2431856Hundred of InkermanGawler
2441847Hundred of Mudla WirraGawler
2451851Hundred of Port GawlerGawler
2461877Hundred of BendlebyGranville
2471877Hundred of EurilpaGranville
2481886Hundred of McCullochGranville
2491877Hundred of UroondaGranville
2501877Hundred of WirreandaGranville
2511877Hundred of YanyarrieGranville
2521877Hundred of YednalueGranville
2531862Hundred of BenaraGrey
2541858Hundred of BlancheGrey
2551862Hundred of CarolineGrey
2561858Hundred of GambierGrey
2571858Hundred of GreyGrey
2581858Hundred of HindmarshGrey
2591883Hundred of KennionGrey
2601862Hundred of KongorongGrey
2611871Hundred of Lake GeorgeGrey
2621861Hundred of MacDonnellGrey
2631869Hundred of MayurraGrey
2641867Hundred of MingboolGrey
2651861Hundred of MonbullaGrey
2661869Hundred of Mount MuirheadGrey
2671867Hundred of NangwarryGrey
2681861Hundred of PenolaGrey
2691883Hundred of RiddochGrey
2701871Hundred of Rivoli BayGrey
2711883Hundred of ShortGrey
2721855Hundred of SymonGrey
2731858Hundred of YoungGrey
2741922Hundred of KatarapkoHamley
2751923Hundred of LovedayHamley
2761895Hundred of AdamsHanson
2771877Hundred of ArkabaHanson
2781895Hundred of FrenchHanson
2791895Hundred of MoralanaHanson
2801895Hundred of WarcowieHanson
2811895-1918Hundred of BasedowHanson
282-Hundred of PerawilliaHanson
2831878Hundred of CavenaghHerbert
2841878Hundred of CoglinHerbert
2851877Hundred of MinburraHerbert
2861880Hundred of NackaraHerbert
2871880Hundred of ParatooHerbert
2881880Hundred of WarooneeHerbert
2891851Hundred of AlexandrinaHindmarsh
2901851Hundred of BremerHindmarsh
2911846Hundred of Encounter BayHindmarsh
2921846Hundred of GoolwaHindmarsh
2931846Hundred of KondoparingaHindmarsh
2941846Hundred of MacclesfieldHindmarsh
2951846Hundred of MypongaHindmarsh
2961846Hundred of NangkitaHindmarsh
2971850Hundred of StrathalbynHindmarsh
2981846Hundred of WaitpingaHindmarsh
2991846Hundred of YankalillaHindmarsh
3001895Hundred of BiceHopetoun
3011892Hundred of CaldwellHopetoun
3021894Hundred of LucyHopetoun
3031894Hundred of MayHopetoun
3041892Hundred of MillerHopetoun
3051895Hundred of RussellHopetoun
3061892Hundred of SturdeeHopetoun
3071896Hundred of TrunchHopetoun
3081902Hundred of WookataHopetoun
3091892-1918Hundred of ScherkHopetoun
310-Hundred of PintumbaHopetoun
3111928Hundred of BoonerdoJervois
3121878Hundred of BoothbyJervois
3131903Hundred of BrookerJervois
3141895Hundred of ButlerJervois
3151895Hundred of CampoonaJervois
3161895Hundred of CharlestonJervois
3171910Hundred of DarkeJervois
3181903Hundred of DixsonJervois
3191895Hundred of GlynnJervois
3201957Hundred of HambidgeJervois
3211878Hundred of HawkerJervois
3221910Hundred of HeggatonJervois
3231957Hundred of HincksJervois
3241910Hundred of JamesJervois
3251910Hundred of JamiesonJervois
3261878Hundred of MangaloJervois
3271878Hundred of MannJervois
3281895Hundred of McGregorJervois
3291878Hundred of MiltalieJervois
3301878Hundred of MinbrieJervois
3311903Hundred of MoodyJervois
3321928Hundred of MurlongJervois
3331928Hundred of NichollsJervois
3341914Hundred of PalkageeJervois
3351910Hundred of PascoeJervois
3361878Hundred of PlayfordJervois
3371907Hundred of RobertsJervois
3381910Hundred of RudallJervois
3391910Hundred of SmeatonJervois
3401916Hundred of TooligieJervois
3411908Hundred of VerranJervois
3421895Hundred of WarrenJervois
3431897Hundred of WiltonJervois
3441878Hundred of YadnarieJervois
345-Hundred of TassieJervois
3461877Hundred of GumbowieKimberley
3471880Hundred of HardyKimberley
3481880Hundred of KetchowlaKimberley
3491878Hundred of ParnarooKimberley
3501871Hundred of TerowieKimberley
3511878Hundred of WonnaKimberley
3521890Hundred of BagsterKintore
3531890Hundred of BurgoyneKintore
3541890Hundred of CohenKintore
3551890Hundred of GilesKintore
3561894Hundred of KeithKintore
3571894Hundred of KevinKintore
3581890Hundred of MagareyKintore
3591890Hundred of NashKintore
3601928Hundred of CocataLe Hunte
3611926Hundred of CootraLe Hunte
3621957Hundred of CorrobinnieLe Hunte
3631927Hundred of HillLe Hunte
3641913Hundred of KappakoolaLe Hunte
3651926Hundred of KoongawaLe Hunte
3661913Hundred of MamblinLe Hunte
3671913Hundred of MinnipaLe Hunte
3681913Hundred of PalabieLe Hunte
3691957Hundred of PeellaLe Hunte
3701922Hundred of PinbongLe Hunte
3711925Hundred of PordiaLe Hunte
3721913Hundred of PygeryLe Hunte
3731913Hundred of WannamanaLe Hunte
3741913Hundred of WarrambooLe Hunte
3751913Hundred of WudinnaLe Hunte
3761913Hundred of YanineeLe Hunte
3771851Hundred of BelvidereLight
3781851Hundred of GilbertLight
3791851Hundred of Julia CreekLight
3801851Hundred of KapundaLight
3811851Hundred of LightLight
3821847Hundred of MooroorooLight
3831847Hundred of NuriootpaLight
3841851Hundred of SaddleworthLight
3851851Hundred of WaterlooLight
3861921Hundred of BeeammaMacDonnell
3871869Hundred of BinnumMacDonnell
3881864Hundred of DuffieldMacDonnell
3891907Hundred of GeegeelaMacDonnell
3901871Hundred of Glen RoyMacDonnell
3911869Hundred of HynamMacDonnell
3921861Hundred of LacepedeMacDonnell
3931888Hundred of LandseerMacDonnell
3941869Hundred of LochaberMacDonnell
3951888Hundred of MarcollatMacDonnell
3961878Hundred of MinecrowMacDonnell
3971871Hundred of MurrabinnaMacDonnell
3981884Hundred of ParsonsMacDonnell
3991888Hundred of PeacockMacDonnell
4001888Hundred of WoolumboolMacDonnell
4011907-1918Hundred of PflaumMacDonnell
4021891Hundred of CastineManchester
4031891Hundred of CopleyManchester
4041893Hundred of GillenManchester
4051891Hundred of HandysideManchester
4061892Hundred of JenkinsManchester
4071919Hundred of BarwellMusgrave
4081936Hundred of BlesingMusgrave
4091876Hundred of ColtonMusgrave
4101929Hundred of CowanMusgrave
4111885Hundred of HaigMusgrave
4121936Hundred of HuddMusgrave
4131936Hundred of KappawantaMusgrave
4141879Hundred of KianaMusgrave
4151934Hundred of McIntoshMusgrave
4161895Hundred of McLachlanMusgrave
4171903Hundred of MitchellMusgrave
4181916Hundred of PeachnaMusgrave
4191884Hundred of PearceMusgrave
4201903Hundred of ShannonMusgrave
4211894Hundred of SquireMusgrave
4221881Hundred of TaliaMusgrave
4231881Hundred of TinlineMusgrave
4241925Hundred of UlyerraMusgrave
4251876Hundred of WardMusgrave
4261876Hundred of WayMusgrave
4271885-1918Hundred of HomburgMusgrave
428-Hundred of PoondultaMusgrave
4291876Hundred of BoolcundaNewcastle
4301880Hundred of CrozierNewcastle
4311877Hundred of CudlamudlaNewcastle
4321876Hundred of KanyakaNewcastle
4331877Hundred of MoockraNewcastle
4341876Hundred of PalmerNewcastle
4351878Hundred of Pichi RichiNewcastle
4361880Hundred of WyaccaNewcastle
4371880Hundred of YarrahNewcastle
4381871Hundred of BowakaRobe
4391877Hundred of BrayRobe
4401885Hundred of ColesRobe
4411861Hundred of ComaumRobe
4421878Hundred of ConmurraRobe
4431885Hundred of FoxRobe
4441867Hundred of JessieRobe
4451862Hundred of JoannaRobe
4461876Hundred of JoyceRobe
4471861Hundred of KillanoolaRobe
4481871Hundred of Mount BensonRobe
4491867Hundred of NaracoorteRobe
4501867Hundred of RobertsonRobe
4511877Hundred of RossRobe
4521885Hundred of SmithRobe
4531886Hundred of SpenceRobe
4541878Hundred of TownsendRobe
4551861Hundred of WaterhouseRobe
4561910Hundred of AddisonRobinson
4571971Hundred of BockelbergRobinson
4581888Hundred of CampbellRobinson
4591915Hundred of CarinaRobinson
4601913Hundred of ChandadaRobinson
4611913Hundred of CondadaRobinson
4621913Hundred of CungenaRobinson
4631883Hundred of DownerRobinson
4641893Hundred of FinlaysonRobinson
4651885Hundred of ForrestRobinson
4661913Hundred of InksterRobinson
4671913Hundred of KaldooneraRobinson
4681913Hundred of KarcultabyRobinson
4691915Hundred of MoorkitabieRobinson
4701888Hundred of MurrayRobinson
4711885Hundred of RiponRobinson
4721885Hundred of RounsevellRobinson
4731888Hundred of ScottRobinson
4741888Hundred of TarltonRobinson
4751910Hundred of TraversRobinson
4761910Hundred of WallisRobinson
4771891Hundred of WiteraRobinson
478-Hundred of McBeathRobinson
4791885Hundred of WrenfordsleyRobinson
4801893Hundred of WrightRobinson
4811860Hundred of BakerRussell
4821860Hundred of BonneyRussell
4831860Hundred of BurdettRussell
4841872Hundred of CoolinongRussell
4851893Hundred of EttrickRussell
4861936Hundred of JeffriesRussell
4871860Hundred of MalcolmRussell
4881860Hundred of SeymourRussell
4891860Hundred of YounghusbandRussell
4901864Hundred of AndrewsStanley
4911863Hundred of AyersStanley
4921860Hundred of BlythStanley
4931867Hundred of BoucautStanley
4941850Hundred of ClareStanley
4951867Hundred of EverardStanley
4961862Hundred of GoyderStanley
4971860Hundred of HallStanley
4981860Hundred of HansonStanley
4991864Hundred of HartStanley
5001869Hundred of KoolungaStanley
5011860Hundred of MilneStanley
5021851Hundred of StanleyStanley
5031862Hundred of StowStanley
5041850Hundred of Upper WakefieldStanley
5051869Hundred of YackamoorundieStanley
5061860Hundred of AngasSturt
5071860Hundred of BrinkleySturt
5081860Hundred of FinnissSturt
5091857Hundred of FreelingSturt
5101847Hundred of KanmantooSturt
5111851Hundred of JutlandSturt
5121860Hundred of MobilongSturt
5131847Hundred of MonartoSturt
5141860Hundred of RidleySturt
5151851Hundred of TungkilloSturt
5161851-1918Hundred of South RhineSturt
517-Hundred of Wiltowonga SouthSturt
5181881Hundred of BunyerooTaunton
5191877Hundred of CarrTaunton
5201881Hundred of EdeowieTaunton
5211881Hundred of NilpenaTaunton
5221895Hundred of OratungaTaunton
5231881Hundred of ParachilnaTaunton
5241863Hundred of AnneVictoria
5251870Hundred of BelalieVictoria
5261871Hundred of BooyoolieVictoria
5271869Hundred of BundaleerVictoria
5281871Hundred of CaltowieVictoria
5291871Hundred of Crystal BrookVictoria
5301891Hundred of HoweVictoria
5311874Hundred of NapperbyVictoria
5321871Hundred of NarridyVictoria
5331874Hundred of PirieVictoria
5341869Hundred of ReynoldsVictoria
5351874Hundred of WandearahVictoria
5361869Hundred of WhyteVictoria
5371869Hundred of YangyaVictoria
5381889Hundred of BartlettWay
5391893Hundred of BlackerWay
5401893Hundred of BonythonWay
5411889Hundred of CattWay
5421893Hundred of ChillundieWay
5431893Hundred of GoodeWay
5441893Hundred of GuthrieWay
5451889Hundred of HornWay
5461889Hundred of MouleWay
5471896Hundred of O'LoughlinWay
5481929Hundred of PethickWay
5491893Hundred of WallanippieWay
5501893Hundred of WandanaWay
5511895Hundred of AshYork
5521895Hundred of BatchelorYork
5531940Hundred of CultanaYork
5541917Hundred of MoonabieYork
5551917Hundred of NilgineeYork
5561895Hundred of PoyntonYork
5571895Hundred of RandellYork
5581915Hundred of MarkarankaYoung
5591915Hundred of ParcoolaYoung
5601915Hundred of PooginookYoung
5611860Hundred of StuartYoung