Rajasthan District Map

Rajasthan District Map

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About Rajasthan District Map

Explore the Rajasthan political map showing the 33 districts, district headquarters and state capital.

About Rajasthan

Rajasthan, an Indian state, has been divided into 33 districts to carry out administrative works. The responsibilities pertaining to district management are usually executed by all Indian officials. In each section, the all-India officials are either the Deputy Commissioner or the District Magistrate. Superintendent of Police or SP and a Deputy Conservator of Forests are also appointed. Each of these personnel is assisted by the officers of Rajasthan state services. The officials appointed by the state are responsible for matters related to health and education.

Rajasthan, also known as the land of kings, is a state located in northern India. The total area of the state is 342,239 square kilometres or 132,139 square miles. Moreover, Rajasthan occupies 10.4% of the total geographical area of India. On the basis of space, it is the largest Indian state. Furthermore, it is the seventh-largest state by population. Situated in the northwestern part of India, Rajasthan comprises the Thar Desert. It also shares a border with the Pakistan provinces of Punjab to the northwest and Sindh to the west. Five states border Rajasthan. They are Punjab to the north, UP and Haryana to the northeast, Madhya Pradesh to the southeast and Gujarat to the southwest. The Tropic of Cancer passes through the southernmost tip of the state. The geographical location of the state is 23.3 to 30.12 North latitude and 69.30 to 78.17 East longitudes.

Some of the significant features of Rajasthan include the ruins of the Indus Valley Civilization at Balathal and Kalibangan. It is also famous for the Dilwara Temples, a Jain pilgrimage site at Rajasthan’s only hill station, Mt. Abu. The Bharatpur bird sanctuary in Rajasthan is a World Heritage Site for its birdlife. Rajasthan also boasts of three national tiger reserves. They are the Sariska Tiger Reserve in Alwar, Mukundra Hills Tiger Reserve in Kota and Ranthambore National Park in Sawai Madhopur.

Rajasthan came into being on 30 March 1949 when Rajputana - the name adopted by the British for its dependencies in the locality - was merged into the Dominion of India. The capital and largest city is Jaipur. Other important cities of Rajasthan are Kota, Jodhpur, Udaipur, etc. Rajasthan’s economy is the seventh-largest in India at ₹10.20 lakh crores or US$140 billion. The per capita GDP is ₹118,000 or US$1,700. It ranks 29th among other states in HDI.

List of Districts of Rajasthan

28Sawai MadhopurSawai MadhopurBharatpur1,335,55110,527
31Sri GanganagarSri GanganagarBikaner1,969,16811,154

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