Florida Flag

Florida Flag
AdoptedNovember 6, 1900 (modified May 21, 1985)
UseCivil and state flag
DesignA red saltire on a white color field, with the seal of Florida superimposed in the middle.

Timeline of Floridian Flags

FlagYears of UseType
Flag of Cross of Burgundy 1513 Banner or flag of the Spanish Empire from 1506; used in Florida state of USA from 1513.
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Banner of Arms Crown of Castille Habsbourg Style 1559 Royal standard flag of the Crown of Castile. it is used in Pensacola from 1559.
Flag of Spain 1785-1873 and 1875-1931 1785 The flag of Spain after 1785. Its colors are echoed in the present Florida's seal.
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Flag of the Republic of West Florida 1810 1810 The Bonnie Blue flag or banner, used by the Republic of West Florida in 1810 and followed by the Confederacy in the starting days of the Civil War.
Florida Flag 1861-1865 1861-1865 The Florida flag after announcing secession from the United States in 1861.
Florida Flag 1868-1900 1868-1900 The flag of Florida state between 1868 and 1900, at the time of Reconstruction period.
Florida Flag 1900-1985 1900-1985 Florida flag between 1900 and 1985.
Flag of Florida 1985 to present The current flag of Florida state, 1985 to present.