North America State Map

North America State Map

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About North America State Map

Explore North America map with states and provinces to locate the first level administrative divisions of all countires lie in North America continent.

Sovereign / Recognized Countries in North America

S.N.North American CountriesCapitalCurrencyPopulation (July 1, 2015 Projection)Population (Official Count)Area CodeArea (km2)
1Antigua and BarbudaSt. John'sEast Caribbean dollar89,00085,567+1 268440
2BahamasNassauBahamian dollar379,000351,461+1 24213,878
3BarbadosBridgetownBarbadian dollar283,000277,821+1 246439
4BelizeBelmopanBelize dollar369,000368,310+50122,966
5CanadaOttawaCanadian dollar35,819,00035,749,600+19,984,670
6Costa RicaSan JoséCosta Rican colón35,819,00035,749,600+50651,100
7CubaHavanaCuban peso, Cuban convertible peso11,252,00011,238,317+53109,884
8DominicaRoseauEast Caribbean dollar71,00071,293+1 767750
9Dominican RepublicSanto DomingoDominican Peso9,980,0009,980,243+1 809, +1 829, +1 84948,442
10El SalvadorSan SalvadorUnited States dollar6,460,0006,460,271+50321,041
11GrenadaSt. George'sEast Caribbean dollar104,000103,328+1 473349
12GuatemalaGuatemala CityGuatemalan quetzal16,176,00016,176,133+502108,889
13HaitiPort-au-PrinceHaitian gourde10,994,00010,745,665+50927,750
14HondurasTegucigalpaHonduran lempira8,950,0008,576,500+504112,492
15JamaicaKingstonJamaican dollar2,729,0002,717,991+1 87610,991
16MexicoMexico CityMexican Peso121,006,000121,005,815+521,972,550
17NicaraguaManaguaNicaraguan córdoba6,514,0006,071,045+505130,375
18PanamaPanama CityPanamanian balboa, United States dollar3,764,0003,764,166+50774,177
19Saint Kitts and NevisBasseterreEast Caribbean dollar46,00046,204+1 869261
20Saint LuciaCastriesEast Caribbean dollar172,000166,526+1 758617
21Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesKingstownEast Caribbean dollar110,000109,991+1 784389
22Trinidad and TobagoPort of SpainTrinidad and Tobago dollar1,357,0001,328,019+1 8685,131
23United StatesWashington, D.C.United States dollar321,234,000321,822,000+19,857,306

Unrecogized or Non-Sovereign Territories in North America

Dependent territories in North America

S.N.English Short NameCapitalCurrencyLegal StatusPopulation (July 1, 2015 Projection)Population (Official Count)Area CodeArea (km2)Area (sq mi)
1AnguillaThe ValleyEast Caribbean dollarBritish Overseas Territory14,00013,037+1 2649135
2Bajo Nuevo Bank  Unincorporated Unorganized Territory of the United States of America, uninhabited, disputed by 3 other nations.00N/A14556
3BermudaHamiltonBermudian dollarBritish Overseas Territory65,00064,237+1 4415321
4British Virgin IslandsRoad TownUnited States dollarBritish Overseas Territory31,00028,054+1 28415359
5Cayman IslandsGeorge TownCayman Islands dollarBritish Overseas Territory59,00058,238+1 345264102
6MontserratPlymouthEast Caribbean dollarBritish Overseas Territory5,0004,922+1 66410239
7Navassa Island United States dollarUnincorporated Unorganized Territory of the United States, uninhabited, disputed by HaitiUninhabitedUninhabitedN/A5.402
8Puerto RicoSan JuanUnited States dollarUnincorporated territory(U.S. Commonwealth)3,508,0003,548,397+1 787 / 9399,1043,515
9Serranilla Bank  Unincorporated Unorganized Territory of the United States, uninhabited, disputed by Honduras, Nicaragua and United States.   1,200463.32
10Turks and Caicos IslandsCockburn TownUnited States dollarBritish Overseas Territory37,00031,618+1 649616.3238
11United States Virgin IslandsCharlotte AmalieUnited States dollarUnincorporated organized Territory of the United States105,000106,405+1 340346.36133.73

Other Areas in North America

S.N.NameCapitalCurrencyLegal StatusPopulation (July 1, 2015 Projection)Population (Official Count)Area CodeArea (km2)Area (sq mi)
1ArubaOranjestadAruban florinConstituent Country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands110,000109,517+297178.9169.08
2BonaireKralendijkUnited States dollarSpecial municipality of the NetherlandsN/A16541 (2012)+599 7294.00114.00
3Clipperton Island EuroOverseas Possession of FranceUninhabited (as of 1945)Uninhabited (as of 1945) 6.002.30
4CuraçaoWillemstadNetherlands Antillean guilderConstituent Country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands157,000154,843+599 9444.00171.40
5GreenlandNuukDanish kroneConstituent Country of the Kingdom of Denmark56,00055,984+2992,166,086.00836,109.00
6GuadeloupeBasse-TerreEuroDepartment and region of France405,000403,314+5901,628.00629.00
7MartiniqueFort-de-FranceEuroDepartment and region of France383,000388,364+5961,128.00436.00
8SabaThe BottomUnited States dollarSpecial municipality of the NetherlandsN/A1,991+599 413.005.00
9Saint BarthélemyGustaviaEuroFrench Overseas Collectivity10,0009,131+59025.009.50
10Saint MartinMarigotEuroFrench Overseas Collectivity36,00035,742+59087.0034.00
11Saint Pierre and MiquelonSaint-PierreEuroFrench Overseas Collectivity6,0006,069+508242.0093.00
12San Andrés and ProvidenciaSan AndrésColombian pesoDepartment of ColombiaN/A75,167+5752.5020.30
13Sint EustatiusOranjestadUnited States dollarSpecial municipality of the NetherlandsN/A4,020+599 321.008.00
14Sint MaartenPhilipsburgNetherlands Antillean guilderConstituent Country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands39,00037,224+1 72134.0013.10

About North America

North America is a continent located in the Northern and Western Hemispheres. It is surrounded by the Arctic Ocean to the north, the Atlantic Ocean to the east, South America and the Caribbean Sea to the southeast, and the Pacific Ocean to the west and south. North America comprises various regions, including Bermuda, Canada, the Caribbean, Central America, Greenland, Mexico, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, and the United States.

In terms of land area, North America covers approximately 24,709,000 square kilometers (9,540,000 square miles), making it the third-largest continent, following Asia and Africa. It accounts for about 16.5% of the Earth's land area and 4.8% of its total surface area. In population, North America ranks as the fourth-largest continent, after Asia, Africa, and Europe, with an estimated population of nearly 579 million people in 23 independent states as of 2013. This represents around 7.5% of the world's population.

The timeline of the first human populations reaching North America is still uncertain. Evidence suggests that people inhabited the Americas at least 20,000 years ago, but there are indications of even earlier habitation. The Paleo-Indian period followed the Last Glacial Period and extended until about 10,000 years ago, marking the beginning of the Archaic period. The subsequent classic stage spanned from the 6th to the 13th centuries. European exploration and colonization started in the year 1000 AD when the Norse became the first Europeans to explore and settle in parts of North America.

Christopher Columbus's voyages in 1492 initiated a significant transatlantic exchange, leading to the migration of European settlers during the Age of Discovery and the early modern period. Present-day cultural and ethnic diversity in North America reflects interactions between European colonists, indigenous peoples, African slaves, and immigrants from Europe and Asia. As a result, many North Americans speak European languages like English, Spanish, and French, with a cultural influence predominantly rooted in Western traditions. However, certain regions in Canada, the United States, Mexico, and Central America maintain indigenous populations that continue to practice their pre-European colonial cultural and linguistic traditions.