T20 World Cup 2021 Schedule

The ICC Men's T20 World Cup 2021 is the 7th Men’s tournament of ICC T20 World Cup tournament, with all the games ongoing in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) and Oman from 17th October 2021 to 14th November 2021. The defending champions is West Indies.

There was outstanding to be a previous T20 World Cup 2020 held in Australia from 18th October 2020 to 15th November 2020, but in July, 2020, the ICC (International Cricket Council) stated that this T20 World Cup tournament had been delayed, due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. In the month of August, 2020, the ICC stated that the country India would host the 2021 T20 world cup tournament as outlined, with Australia being announced as the host for the next 2022 T20 world cup tournament. In the month of June 2021, the ICC declared that the 2021 T20 world cup tournament had been shifted to the UAE due to increasing problems over the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) situation in India, and a viable 3rd wave of the COVID-19 in India. The 2021 T20 world cup tournament is expected to start on 17th October 2021, with the 2021 world cup tournament final anticipated to be played on 14th November 2021. The preliminary group rounds of the 2021 T20 world cup tournament are agreed to be shared among Oman and UAE.

T20 World Cup 2021 Schedule List

Here is the 2021 ICC Men's T20 World Cup Schedule / Fixtures or Time Table. All times are in local. (UTC+04:00)
1First Round - Group B17 OctoberOman vs Papua New GuineaOman14:00Al Amerat Cricket StadiumMuscatOman
2First Round - Group B17 OctoberBangladesh vs ScotlandScotland18:00 (D/N)Al Amerat Cricket StadiumMuscatOman
3First Round - Group A18 OctoberIreland vs NetherlandsIreland14:00Sheikh Zayed Cricket StadiumAbu DhabiUAE
4First Round - Group A18 OctoberSri Lanka vs NamibiaSri Lanka18:00 (D/N)Sheikh Zayed Cricket StadiumAbu DhabiUAE
5First Round - Group B19 OctoberScotland vs Papua New GuineaScotland14:00Al Amerat Cricket StadiumMuscatOman
6First Round - Group B19 OctoberOman vs BangladeshBangladesh18:00 (D/N)Al Amerat Cricket StadiumMuscatOman
7First Round - Group A20 OctoberNamibia vs NetherlandsNamibia14:00Sheikh Zayed Cricket StadiumAbu DhabiUAE
8First Round - Group A20 OctoberSri Lanka vs IrelandSri Lanka18:00 (D/N)Sheikh Zayed Cricket StadiumAbu DhabiUAE
9First Round - Group B21 OctoberBangladesh vs Papua New GuineaBangladesh14:00Al Amerat Cricket StadiumMuscatOman
10First Round - Group B21 OctoberOman vs ScotlandScotland18:00 (D/N)Al Amerat Cricket StadiumMuscatOman
11First Round - Group A22 OctoberNamibia vs IrelandNamibia14:00Sharjah Cricket StadiumSharjahUAE
12First Round - Group A22 OctoberSri Lanka vs NetherlandsSri Lanka18:00 (D/N)Sharjah Cricket StadiumSharjahUAE
13Super 12 - Group 123 OctoberAustralia vs South AfricaAustralia14:00Sheikh Zayed Cricket StadiumAbu DhabiUAE
14Super 12 - Group 123 OctoberEngland vs West IndiesEngland18:00 (D/N)Dubai International Cricket StadiumDubaiUAE
15Super 12 - Group 124 OctoberSri Lanka vs Bangladesh-14:00 (D/N)Sharjah Cricket StadiumSharjahUAE
16Super 12 - Group 224 OctoberIndia vs Pakistan-18:00 (D/N)Dubai International Cricket StadiumDubaiUAE
17Super 12 - Group 225 OctoberAfghanistan vs Scotland-18:00 (D/N)Sharjah Cricket StadiumSharjahUAE
18Super 12 - Group 126 OctoberSouth Africa vs West Indies-14:00Dubai International Cricket StadiumDubaiUAE
19Super 12 - Group 226 OctoberPakistan vs New Zealand-18:00 (D/N)Sharjah Cricket StadiumSharjahUAE
20Super 12 - Group 127 OctoberEngland vs Bangladesh-14:00Sheikh Zayed Cricket StadiumAbu DhabiUAE
21Super 12 - Group 227 OctoberScotland vs Namibia-18:00 (D/N)Sheikh Zayed Cricket StadiumAbu DhabiUAE
22Super 12 - Group 128 OctoberAustralia vs Sri Lanka-18:00 (D/N)Dubai International Cricket StadiumDubaiUAE
23Super 12 - Group 129 OctoberWest Indies vs Bangladesh-14:00Sharjah Cricket StadiumSharjahUAE
24Super 12 - Group 229 OctoberAfghanistan vs Pakistan-18:00 (D/N)Dubai International Cricket StadiumDubaiUAE
25Super 12 - Group 130 OctoberSouth Africa vs Sri Lanka-14:00Sharjah Cricket StadiumSharjahUAE
26Super 12 - Group 130 OctoberEngland vs Australia-18:00 (D/N)Dubai International Cricket StadiumDubaiUAE
27Super 12 - Group 231 OctoberAfghanistan vs Namibia-14:00Sheikh Zayed Cricket StadiumAbu DhabiUAE
28Super 12 - Group 231 OctoberIndia vs New Zealand-18:00 (D/N)Dubai International Cricket StadiumDubaiUAE
29Super 12 - Group 11 NovemberEngland vs Sri Lanka-18:00 (D/N)Sharjah Cricket StadiumSharjahUAE
30Super 12 - Group 22 NovemberPakistan vs Namibia-18:00 (D/N)Sheikh Zayed Cricket StadiumAbu DhabiUAE
31Super 12 - Group 12 NovemberSouth Africa vs Bangladesh-14:00Sheikh Zayed Cricket StadiumAbu DhabiUAE
32Super 12 - Group 23 NovemberNew Zealand vs Scotland-14:00Dubai International Cricket StadiumDubaiUAE
33Super 12 - Group 23 NovemberIndia vs Afghanistan-18:00 (D/N)Sheikh Zayed Cricket StadiumAbu DhabiUAE
34Super 12 - Group 14 NovemberAustralia vs Bangladesh-14:00Dubai International Cricket StadiumDubaiUAE
35Super 12 - Group 14 NovemberWest Indies vs Sri Lanka-18:00 (D/N)Sheikh Zayed Cricket StadiumAbu DhabiUAE
36Super 12 - Group 25 NovemberNew Zealand vs Namibia-14:00Sharjah Cricket StadiumSharjahUAE
37Super 12 - Group 25 NovemberIndia vs Scotland-18:00 (D/N)Dubai International Cricket StadiumDubaiUAE
38Super 12 - Group 16 NovemberAustralia vs West Indies-14:00Sheikh Zayed Cricket StadiumAbu DhabiUAE
39Super 12 - Group 16 NovemberEngland vs South Africa-18:00 (D/N)Sharjah Cricket StadiumSharjahUAE
40Super 12 - Group 27 NovemberNew Zealand vs Afghanistan-14:00Sheikh Zayed Cricket StadiumAbu DhabiUAE
41Super 12 - Group 27 NovemberPakistan vs Scotland-18:00 (D/N)Sharjah Cricket StadiumSharjahUAE
42Super 12 - Group 28 NovemberIndia vs Namibia-18:00 (D/N)Dubai International Cricket StadiumDubaiUAE
43Knockout - Semi-Final10 November1A vs 2B-18:00 (D/N)Sheikh Zayed Cricket StadiumAbu DhabiUAE
44Knockout - Semi-Final11 November2A vs 1B-18:00 (D/N)Dubai International Cricket StadiumDubaiUAE
45Final14 NovemberTBD vs TBD-18:00 (D/N)Dubai International Cricket StadiumDubaiUAE